Diablo 37!

By Tom | | 1006 |

Blizzard Entertainments latest colossal game to be released is Diablo 3, 10 years in development after Diablo 2 it has been a long time coming for many fans. The Diablo games are all very similar as in a top down camera view RPG game where button mashing is your main skill. Diablo 3 is no different; prepare your mouse buttons for an almighty mashing and your keyboards 1-4 keys because essentially these are the only keys that you actually need to play.

The Diabolic Launch

Diablo 3 was launched on May the 15th and was plagued by a storm of error messages, I suffered for hours on that night where after 3 hours when I eventually got logged in created a character and began questing! 5 minutes later I was back at the login screen trying to get back in. Hence the game has been nicknamed Diablo 37 (the error message when you can’t log in).

Even after a couple of weeks since the games release the servers are still getting swarmed and frustrating many customers who have to wait hours to get in and play. And often when you do get in the latency issues are so bad that it is almost unplayable, but as you just waited hours hammering the ctrl + v buttons with your password, you put up with it.

Sales Figures

The game sold over 3.5 million copies in its first 24 hours of retail, making it the fastest selling pc game of all time and that doesn’t include the 1.2 million players that paid for the Warcraft annual pass to receive Diablo free and within the first week sales rose to 6.3 million copies.

The Verdict

The game is insanely addictive and fun, it reminds me of when World of Warcraft first came out, and people were breaking legs just to stay in and play. The first play through is very easy and I don’t remember dying once, but it gets much for interesting when you start unlocking the harder difficulties. The four player co-op makes the game much more fun as monsters get tougher and more numerous. The cash auction house (not yet live) is an exciting prospect and prediction for its release is for the 12th of June. The infuriating server problems and always online play are a real shame and has hindered many of the reviews around the internet. But, for me this is and will be the game of 2012! You can pick up Diablo 3 for £34.99 from most stores including Amazon

What do you think about Diablo 3 so far?