Deus Ex-cellent

By Tom | | 727 |

the much anticipated Deus Ex sequel was released last week “Human Revolution” and has had an unbelievable response from gamers. The previous game was released in june 2000 on PC only and was an enormous success and quickly became one of the most successful RPG’s of its time.

The story is set 25 years before the original game in a technological thriving world and the main plot follows the character of Adam Jenson as he struggles with what has been taken. Human Revolution has a great storyline with conflicting ethics of Human augmentation and the effects that rapid technological advancement has on humanity, players are faced with many choices to make in the game weather it be the best course for completing a mission using, stealth, conversing or an all out fire fight, you have the choice. Apart from a few Main events its even possible to complete the game without fatally harming anyone. With so many choices available to the player your style of play can very unique and also gives the game the availability to play through time after time.

The most important choices to make in the game are your “Augmentations”. throughout the game you earn points called Praxis which allow you to unlock and upgrade abilities. The Augmentations are what make one player different to another as you make choices suited to your style of play. There are a huge number of side quests that are not like usual RPG side quests of “Deliver this” but instead involve multiple layers and are often just as difficult and rewarding as the main storyline missions. IGN Did say one of the downfalls to Human Revolution is when some major plot decisions are decided for you via a cut scene, and Boss fights seem much less dynamic than the rest of the game and instead see you just pumping a powerful enemy with bullets. But with such a minor breach of Human revolution code its unfair to say anything but the game has been a huge success and should stand proud as a sequel to the original.

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