Dark Souls 2 – 3 Days to E3

By Tom | | 1190 |

The first Dark Souls was a massive success, it was fantastically hard, extremely dark, and looked gorgeous. It very much resembled the games of the old days, the punishing difficulty reminded me of splatterhouse for the sega, I died so many times on both these games.

Dark Souls 2 builds on what was so great from its predecessor’s, Lets not forget demon souls. Marty Silva over at IGN got a exclusive interview with Yui Tanimura, Director of FromSoftware and Tak Miyazoe, Global Producer of NamcoBandai, where We got a glimpse of Dark Souls 2 in a 12 minute gameplay Demo, and of course its look as hard as ever, check it out below.

The combat system is virtually the same as Dark Souls 1, with simple controls and a trial and error method to defeating enemies. One thing in the video that did stand out to me was the level of details on the characters armour and weapons. The use of your environment is a key feature in Dark souls 2, using torches to light darkpassage ways.

Dark Souls 2 is available for Xbox 360, PS3, & PC.

I’m guessing we will be seeing this screen a few more times: