Crysis 2

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Crysis in New York!

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The world is in disarray after being devastated by a series of climatic disasters and to make matters worse the aliens have returned. A full invasion of earth with the goal of total annihilation of mankind, there is very little if any hope for humanity. The city of New York is the invasion forces first target and where you, our super soldier in the new Nanosuit 2, will make the last stand to save earth in a immersive single player campaign.

You guessed it, Crysis is back! The second instalment takes place in the City of New York, the rich urban jungle provides players with one of the most visually impressive worlds ever experienced using the CryEngine 3, with the availability of 3D mode, and is one of the first major video games on multiplatform’s to utilize stereoscopic 3D. This time Crysis 2 is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC and is one of the most anticipated games to come out this year!

Nanosuit round 2

The Nanosuit is your best weapon in Crysis 2 it provides boosts to you strength, making you deadly at close combat, boost your speed and agility, allowing you to scale building for some skywards kills. Stealth mode, too stalk the enemy before taking lethal action and tactical mode for sufficient targeting. Second time round the Nanosuit is not restricted to one power mode but instead players can choose from various styles of power. The advanced Nanosuit really lets players choose their own style of play from, the stealthy and strategic approach too full out charge in and shoot em up!


So what happens when there is more than one Nanosuit owner? Well with 12 multiplayer maps to choose from, over 20 weapons, 250 dog tags, 140 challenges, 80 general ranks and suit mode ranks available to unlock and master, it’s all out warfare! Crysis 2 multiplayer promises to provide a deep progression and long term rewards for players.

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