CES 2012 Buzz

By Tom | | 606 |

Well its the second day of this years CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and while yes, many of this years items were predictable there have been some big surprises too and here is just a few of them:

Polaroid Introduces Android Camera

This is no ordinary digital camera, the Polaroid SC1630 looks like your standard digital camera but it is quite the opposite. Instead of a traditional LCD display on the back the device has a fully operable version of android! So it can do all the usual digital camera stuff like, scroll through images and change lighting etc, but it also means you can run apps, games, connect to internet and share pictures directly to the net through Facebook and any method your choose. Its primary function as a camera is not flawed by its multifunctional purpose, it has a 16-megapixel resolution and 3x optical zoom. I want to know why they didn’t just make it a mobile phone too!

LG 55-inch 3D OLED TV

LG were showing off there 55-inch OLED TV that is due to be out later this year. The entire tv is estimated to be 4mm thick and provides the best colour contrast and clarity on any TV. However the TV is estimated to cost a whopping £5000!?!?! They were also showing off an absolutely huge 84-inch 3D TV screen. They did not estimate a price for the giant screen but will also be out later this year.
The LG will also has inbuilt Google TV that will feature In built Cinema 3D technology, Magic Remote allowing control using motion gesture, voice commands and full keyboard input. But does all this justify the £5000 price tag?

There is still a day left at CES so make sure to check back tomorrow to read about any more surprises at CES.