Stranger Things celebrates season 3’s arrival by playing Famicom with trigger-speed legend Takahashi Meijin

We’re sure you’ve already heard, but a little show called Stranger Things returned today. Already people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are hard at work binging Netflix’s 80s-set spook-a-thon. To go along with this, the popular streaming service has released a whole bunch of fun promo material to celebrate the release of the show – one of which is inherently tied to video games.

The video in question sees cast members Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and others compete in a series of famicon games against former Hudson Soft exec Takahashi Meijin. The Stranger Things kids give him a run for his money, going head to head in a series of classic arcade titles from the 1980s era, but most notably Star Soldier.

It all culminates, as you might expect from Takahashi Meijin, in a trigger tapping test of wits to see who has the fastest finger-pressing ability. Of course, at peak Meijin was able to perform 16 shots per second in both Star Soldier and its home computer version Star Force. “16 shots per second” since went on to become a bit of a meme, one that isn’t lost on the cast of Stranger Things.

Why not watch the entire promotional video below and see how they get on?

Silly question, but will you be watching Stranger Things season 3 this weekend? After you’re done, you can always keep the 80s nostalgia fuel going with any one of these great retro consoles.

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