Black Friday 2019: Price predictions on all three consoles

You might fear it, may even wish to run from it, but like it or not Black Friday 2019 is rearing its head around the corner. Of course, this is an extremely exciting time for many – especially those that have been holding out on purchasing a console, lying in wait for a great deal. But how low will Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch drop when Black Friday eventually arrives? We thought it worth putting some educated predictions together.

Before we dive in proper, though, it’s worth noting that the speculation below is purely that. Speculation. All the information we have about Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch prices for this year’s Black Friday is based upon their fluctuations throughout this year, as well as how low they dropped to during last year’s Black Friday sales event.

How low will Xbox One prices drop Black Friday 2019?

Xbox One S price prediction: 50% down from £229 RRP to £110

Xbox One X price prediction: 33% down from £449 RRP to £299

The Xbox One family of systems has been a great entry point for all types of gamer throughout the whole generation, with the Xbox One S in particular touting an RRP of £229. Usually you can find it these days for £199.99 with a fair few games bundled in, but we’re extremely confident that you’ll see it fall to around £110. That might seem crazy on paper, but when you consider that the Xbox One’s successor console is due for release in Holiday 2020 it all ties together.

As for the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s console that’s specifically geared towards players that care about smooth gameplay and visuals will also see a heavy price cut this Black Friday 2019. This should be exciting considering that the X typically touts the highest price of any home console on the market. £449 is a lot to invest, but we feel pretty confident that you will see it dip to under £300. Suddenly the idea of grabbing an Xbox One X is made more appealing. We’ll keep you posted as soon as it hits this price point.

Current lowest price on Xbox One consoles:


How low will PlayStation 4 prices drop Black Friday 2019?

PlayStation 4 Slim price prediction: 20% down from £249 RRP to £199.99

PlayStation 4 Pro price prediction: 15% down from £349 RRP to £299.99

PlayStation 4 has had one stormer of a generation, launching in 2013 and quickly being accepted by players the world over as one of the best video game consoles ever released. This mindshare has seen it soar past all expectations, now having surpassed 102 million units. However, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty left to sell this Black Friday 2019. We fully expect to see both hardware iterations, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, knock £50 off their respective prices.

Such a Black Friday discount would represent a 20% saving for the PS4 Slim and 15% saving for the PS4 Pro, which might not sound like a lot compared to the Xbox One sales, but is extremely decent if you include the value of extra games and accessories that will be packaged in. As with its console rival, 2019 marks the PS4’s last year as the most recent console on the scene. This is because PS5 has been predicted to arrive by Holiday 2020, reinforcing why Black Friday 2019 will see it drop to a record low.

Current lowest price on PlayStation 4 consoles:


How low will Nintendo Switch prices drop Black Friday 2019?

Original Nintendo Switch price prediction: 7% down from £279 RRP to £259

Nintendo Switch Lite price prediction: 10% down from £199 RRP to £179

Though having only been on the market for three years, the Nintendo Switch should already be considered a massive success. However, one downside to the platform is that when it comes to sales, Nintendo doesn’t really do discounts. The original model Nintendo Switch, for example, retails for a standard price of £279.99, and it still hasn’t budged from that. So, those looking to get a good deal on Nintendo Switch might see it dip to £259 if retailers are willing to accept the cost blow, but you’re more likely to see the value proposition of Nintendo Switch increase thanks to some pretty cool bundles that include first-party games.

Another great way to get in on the platform for less is by sacrificing the ability to play on the big screen, which is the entire reasoning behind the Nintendo Switch Lite. This trimmer, sleeker and more affordable iteration has an RRP of £199, but already this year we’ve seen it dip to just £179 not too long after launch. Expect it to sell for a similar price during Black Friday 2019 in any of the three gorgeous colour options.

Current lowest price on Nintendo Switch consoles:

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