Black Friday Early Deals & Retailer Breakdown

By Neil | | 1022 |

25 November 2016 is Black Friday – an annual day of massive gaming discounts and people acting stupid in shops, which we copied from America for some reason.

It’s a great time to buy a cheap PS4, Xbox One, 3DS or maybe even a Wii U, plus some games to go with it. But where should you look for the best deals? And are there any early Black Friday sales you can take advantage of now?

The answers are ‘here’, and ‘yes’!

The early Black Friday console deals

Some retailers get so excited about Black Friday, which is now the UK’s biggest shopping day, they try to kick it off early.

That’s fine, us gamers get more deals, such as an Xbox One or Xbox One Elite for less than £200.


Black Friday deals running from 14 to 25 Nov

At Amazon UK, the Black Friday 2016 sale is running from 14-25 November. Deal highlights so far have included these ones:

  • Xbox One S + CoD Infinite Warfare + £5 off Xbox LIVE (£34.99 saving)
  • PS4 Slim 500GB + FIFA 17 steel book – £232.99 (£38.02 saving)
  • Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard – £69.99 (was £134.99)

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Black Friday Deals to be confirmed

In 2015, GAME also stretched Black Friday out into a 5-day extravaganza. Remember the Xbox One with Ori and the Blind Forest + Rare Replay bundle? GAME were one of the first retailers to drop that deal.

They are currently the main retailer responsible for being able to pick up an Xbox One for less than £200, bundled with some top quality games such as Gears of War 4!

Britain’s biggest game shop chain hasn’t announced any deals yet, but when they do we’ll have them all on our Black Friday page so you can be sure you won’t miss out.

Current GAME console deals

Black Friday Deals running from 18 to 30 Nov

The deals are starting early at Argos too, which is running a 13-day sale.

Argos sells the whole range of consoles and new games, so hopefully we’ll get some great discounts. Click below to check the current discounts from Friday 18 November.

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Black Friday Deals running from 21 Nov to 1 Dec

Supermarket chain Tesco is always a good bet for crazy gaming discounts and plain-old price slashing.

They’re another store turning Black Friday into a longer event. Tesco have already been responsible for some of the best console deals this year, bring us amazing price drops such as PS4 from £149, Xbox One Elite from £199 and Majora’s Mask on 3DS from £8.

We’re expecting some very exciting deals from Tesco on 21st November, so make sure you bookmark our Black Friday page so you don’t miss out.

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Other retailers offering Black Friday deals

Other top games retailers might not be starting Black Friday early, but they do already have pages set up ready for Black Friday. So if you want to be first to click through to top deals on 25 November, keep these links handy and get an instant comparison on the best prices.

Will Black Friday 2016 be calmer than past years?

Recent Black Fridays haven’t just been about savings. TV news also has a field day covering all the frantic, ill-tempered behaviour of buyers in packed shops. It’s a pretty ugly sight.

Maybe that’s why more big retailers are spreading the Black Friday love out over multiple days this year. Hopefully, that will help people act less crazy on 25 November.

Last year, more people were searching online at midnight for Black Friday deals than throughout the rest of the day, so if the trend continues, more people will be comparing prices online rather than brave the shops (and the weather).

The best deals will still be on the day

That said, we expect the biggest console and game savings will still be offered on Black Friday itself. Just ask yourself whether it’s worth braving the shops to save those few extra quid – and use this guide to shop wisely for your new PS4, Xbox One, or whatever else you’re after!

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