Black Friday & Cyber Monday survival guide

By Matt Clough

It’s seemingly arrived out of nowhere, we know, but Black Friday 2019 is almost here. It’s set to be the biggest the UK’s ever seen, and though past years have seen the deal activity begin ramping up substantially from the start of November, we predict that this will only be bested this year thanks to the arrival of PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett next year in 2020.

Luckily, to help you prepare, we’ll be cramming our deal hunting into the concentrated November period. Therefore it’s more important than ever to have a Black Friday strategy prepared and good to go. Gaming is one of the few areas in which Black Friday can make a real, genuine difference to prices, so if you play it smart and plan accordingly, you can get some genuinely fantastic deals, whether it’d be for a new PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Of course, we’ll be here throughout Black Friday, the days leading up to it and afterwards through to Cyber Monday, finding and highlighting all the best deals to give you an easier time. Here, we’ll give you our tried and tested tips to get the best deals and avoid missing out.

Tip 1: Know what you’re looking for

Though it can be tempting to just wait and see ‘what the best deals are’, it’s always better to have a plan for whatever console, games, or accessories you’re after. If you want to make the most of the offers, perhaps find a high, medium and low price option for what you’re hoping to buy and then weigh up which is the best value for money when the deals arrive.

Doing this also helps stave off the temptation to impulse buy a console you’ve got no games for just because it’s a good deal. If you can, outline what it is you’re looking for and stick to it as best as possible. Going in blind is perhaps the worst thing any avid deals hunter can do. Ask yourself questions like: “Do I need to upgrade my PS4?”, “What’s the lowest price I’m willing to pay for a Nintendo Switch?”, “Is it likely that the Xbox One I want will drop any further?”

Tip 2: Know which deals are actually deals

At this stage, with Black Friday so close, it can be hard to get a true reading on the real value of a product. Certain retailers will take products back up to an RRP which they haven’t been sold at for months, just to emphasise their discounts when the deals do arrive. However, knowing the general cost of a product is a vital tool in determining how good a deal really is. You want to ensure you’re getting a good deal after all.

Below we’ve listed some of the realistic price points that each console tends to sell for in each of their respective bundle setups. You can use this as reference for when the Black Friday deals come in, comparing them to what you see in order to judge whether what you’re actually seeing actually represents a good Black Friday bargain.

Here’s the quick list of the most popular bundles and what prices we’ve seen throughout the year:

Xbox One

1TB One S with a game – £180

One X with a couple of games – £360


500GB Slim console bundled with a game – £200 – £210

Pro – £300 with a game or two

Nintendo Switch

Console by itself – £240 – £250

Console with two games – £299

Lite by itself – £175 – 199

Lite with a bundle game – £199 - £219

Tip 3: Know everything you need to get

There’s nothing worse than eagerly opening a new piece of tech and realising that you’re missing a vital component. Consoles are no different. Though all consoles come with the required leads and plugs, plus one controller, they still need various extras to make the most of them.

Whether it’s online subscriptions, additional controllers, particular games or otherwise, knowing exactly what you need in a bundle will help you make the most informed – and thrifty – choice.

We’ve put together a bunch of helpful guides to buying consoles in our advice section. Of these guides, two of our most popular are our guides to the different PS4Nintendo Switch and Xbox One models.

Tip 4: Check deals you see against other retailers

Comparing prices is what we here at Console Deals do. Our advanced comparison filters scour the prices amongst a whole host of popular UK retailers to save readers time and money when looking for their ideal game-related deal. But, regardless if you’d like to use this or not, it’s wise to not take retailer claims at face value.

If GAME, Amazon or someone else expresses that they have X console or X game at the best price, check for yourself by looking at the same item elsewhere. Console Deals makes this easier, but by all means have a quick gander yourself. Games won’t have the same price across all retailers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with it usually being the case that one in particular has it for a few pounds less. Useful pounds that can be put towards other great deals.

We hope this guide has been helpful, and don’t forget that if you’re after PS4 dealsXbox One deals or Nintendo Switch bundles, Console Deals is the only site you need for Black Friday 2019!