Where to find the best Xbox One price drop sales

Following on from the mass achievements had by the Xbox 360, the Xbox One had some big shoes to fill as its successor. Luckily, having one of the best-designed game controllers around and a library of great first and third-party titles combined to make Microsoft’s third home console a great place to jump into new interactive worlds. But where and when exactly can you find the best Xbox One price drop? That’s what we’ll explore in-depth throughout this guide.

Xbox One Price Drop deals

We’ll start off by statin outright that of all the three major console platforms, Xbox One is always listed amongst UK retailers as the cheapest. That’s because Microsoft is eager to get their console into the hands of as many players as possible, making it easy for purchasers to enjoy great services like Xbox Game Pass that isn’t available anywhere else. A low price all year round is good but can make finding Xbox One price drop deals a little tricky. However, picking one up as part of a bundle is always a sure-fire method to save money.

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When will the Xbox One price drop?

If you’d prefer to not pick up an Xbox One for full price, then there are a couple of times of year that should see it dip. Of course, there are two SKUs of Xbox One currently on the market, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, with the former being geared towards players simply wanting to enjoy the latest games and the latter offering seasoned gamers 4K visuals, faster load times and smoother gameplay. You’ll need to decide which one is the best fit for you, but the good news is that Xbox One price drops occur on both throughout the year.

A lot of these sales will kick in around most of the UK’s main holiday periods, namely Easter, Bank Holiday weekends and Christmas. A common misconception is that the very best Xbox One price drop deals are to be had over Black Friday, when the truth is that sales of equal value often happen much sooner. Nobody wants to wait until November to play great exclusives like Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. We’d recommend not holding out until then to wait for the best Xbox One price drop and instead lay down your ideal preferred price and grab it for that when first possible.


As previously stated, Xbox One is the lowest price home console platform out there, and as such isn’t likely to reduce by much. We’re talking marginal savings at best. However, both Xbox One S and Xbox One X consistently receive the most console bundles compared to its two competitors. Popular retailers like GAME, Argos and Amazon consistently up the value of an Xbox One purchase by adding in extra games either for free or significantly discounted.

In summary, there isn’t a defined period where you’re guaranteed to see a wide Xbox One price drop. What you can depend on, however, is the extensive price comparison filtering tools available on Console Deals. It’s by using these that you can dictate your perfect Xbox One set-up, adjusting whether you want to purchase one as part of a bundle, as what model and in which specific colour. We’ll then display all relevant Xbox One consoles ranked from the lowest to the highest price.

What is the RRP of the Xbox One and has it changed?

Originally retailing for £429 when it was released in the UK back in 2013, the launch model Xbox One can no longer be purchased. It’s since been replaced by the sleeker Xbox One S. A standard one of these currently has an RRP of £199.99, available on its own with a disc drive or discless with three select games. White has now also been made the standard colour for Xbox One S consoles, with Black being much more limited by comparison.

Boasting improved RAM, faster load speeds and the ability to render games at native 4K resolution, the much more powerful Xbox One X initially launched in 2017 for a standard price of £449. And while there’s no been official drop in RRP announced by Microsoft, the Xbox One X can almost always be found on sale as part of a bundle for around £380. It’s inherently good value.

Where can I find Xbox One price drops?

Almost every major UK retailer will slash the price of their respective Xbox One bundles at some point, whether it’s an in-store exclusive offer or a deal that can only be made use of online. The good news is that this makes it extremely easy to never pay full price for an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, as long as you’re smart and willing to do some research. The Console deals filter tools saves you the trouble of checking Xbox One price drop deals retailer by retailer, saving you time and money from a whole host of UK retailers.

Consider second hand Xbox One consoles

A popular route to a cheap Xbox One is to pick one up second-hand. It’s a guaranteed way for players to save money that you can then spend on more actual games but does require a bit more research as different retailers will rank consoles anywhere from “good” to “great”. Luckily, we at Console Deals also pull in offers relating to second-hand a refurbished Xbox One consoles. Just be sure to check the quality rating of your purchase, as a lower cost may come with compromises.


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