Battlefield 4 Days to E3

By Tom Stowe


See what we did there? Well here is another one I'm super excited for, as a massive Battlefield player with over 200 hours play time, I can not wait to see just how great the next instalment in the battle series is going to look, play and feel.

We have only seen some of the single player, whilst Battlefield 3's single player was good fun, it really lacked when it came to character depth and whatever actions I chose just felt meaningless. We got to see a 17 minute intro to the single campaign not long back and the graphics are indeed, breathtaking and even in the little 17 minutes I really felt involved. I expect this was being played on a top end system so it will be interesting to see next week just how the game will look on current gen consoles and hopefully on next gen consoles.

Check out the 17 minute trailer:

What most battlefield fans want to see is the Multiplayer, the 64 player mayhem, of jets, tanks, jeeps, infantry, boats and tons more. We have yet to see any but EA has promised the "world premiere of Battlefield 4 all-out multiplayer warfare" and "other surprises" on June 10th at its E3 show at 9pm UK time. Also at E3 we will be getting a look at more EA titles including FIFA 14, UFC, Madden NFL 25 and NBA Live and Need for Speed.


It will be available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will be released for current gen systems on October 25th, dates for PS4 and Xbox One are yet to be confirmed.

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