Battle Royale, Dust 514 and Minecraft

By Tom Stowe

Super Smash Sony

So if you haven't heard yet Sony announced that they were indeed building a beat-em up game much in the style of Nintendo's Super Smash Bro's, All-Stars Battle Royale! It will be packed full of Sony's most iconic and loved characters including: Kratos, from God Of War, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, from Twisted metal and plenty more.

Even though some of the characters are less well known than the Nintendo it still is packed full of fun and interesting characters. The game shares numerous similarities to Nintendo's smash bro's and why shouldn't it? Smash Brothers is incredibly popular and Sony want in on the brawling action.

Although Its only been officially announced for Playstation 3 , director Omar Kendal hinted today that it may well make its way to PS Vita. so stay tuned for some Sony All Stars Battle Royal PS3 Bundles

Dust 514 Beta Open

Dust 514 is a exclusive PS3 first person shooter and will potentially revolutionise the way games are played. Dust 514 is a game that binds in to the player driven MMO universe of Eve Online. Its look to be very promising and if you want to experience before anyone else be sure to sign up for the closed beta at

Minecraft XBLA

The Outstanding PC craze that turned millions of users into Frank Lloyd Wright (the most famous architect on wikipedia) arrived on XBOX 360 XBLA last week and the phenomenon has been a major success on the console too. Unfortunately the console version is no very close to what the pc version is today more like a version that was out around a year ago. But despite this it is still a huge time consumer and is incredibly fun. For those that have been hiding under a rock and haven't heard of Minecraft, It is a open-world sandbox game where you can build almost anything you can imagine by mining stone, wood, gold and many other resources. Its definitely worth checking it out, but its only currently available on XBOX 360 from the live market, but the demand for it to be available on PS3 is huge!

Let us know what you think to Sony's All Star Battle Royale game and what characters you would like to see included? Or share some of your Minecraft XBOX creations!