The Analogue Pocket will play all your Game Boy games, up for pre-order today

Remember the days when you would cosy up on the sofa and play Pokémon Crystal for hours on end? The late ‘90s and early ‘00s are full of memories like this for many players, and it’s these that the folks behind the Analogue Pocket handheld gaming system are looking to recapture. This little gizmo will play all your old Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance games as the ultimate tribute to portable gaming. Want one? Pre-orders will go live at 4pm today in the UK.

Pitched by its creators as “a multi-video-game-system portable handheld” device, the Analogue Pocket serves as a throwback to the golden era of portable games – before the Nintendo Switch completely shook up the scene. Fully compatible with the 2,780+ games released for the Game Boy and its two successor consoles, it easily accepts all of these cartridges to play them beautiful on its 3.5” LCD display.

It’s worth pointing out that the Analogue Pocket isn’t about emulation, instead being fully dedicated to running the cartridge versions of these games. That means that no digital downloads are possible, with the main goal being to play original Game Boy titles flawlessly. However, the device does improve upon any of Nintendo’s machines in a handful of ways – the most notable being its variable refresh rate, the ability to remap all buttons and its USB-C charge port resulting in a 6-10 hour gameplay time.

The Analogue Pocket is available in either White or Black colour SKUs, setting you back $199.99 US dollars. Additional accessories like tempered glass screen protectors, hard shell cases and charging docks are available to pre-order separately, but anyone wanting to play their Game Boy games on the big screen should check out the Analogue Dock. It’s $99.99 but allows you to play these games on your big screen TV. Further cartridge adapters are expected to release at a later date.

So, does the Analogue Pocket seem like the kind of device you’d be interested in? As mentioned earlier you can pre-order it TODAY at 4PM British Standard Time. Simply visit Analogue’s official website here and be ready.

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