All but one PS4 model ceases production in favour of PS5 manufacturing


Well, it’s good news for players desperately in search of a PlayStation 5, as it’s been revealed this morning via a report from Japanese publication GameWatch that Sony has ended production of most PS4 models of Japan in favour of PS5. The only PS4 model being manufactured from here on out will be the standard PS4 Slim 500GB “Jet Black” unit.

The PS4 Slim first entered the market way back in September 2016 in Japan as a sleeker, smarter and much cheaper alternative to the base PS4 model originally launched in 2013. This latest move does, however, see the PS4 Pro call it quits, which makes sense considering that the release of PS5 makes the concept of an improved PS4 model become somewhat obsolete. The original PlayStation 4 already ceased production some years ago.

GameWatch’s report wastes no time in explaining Sony’s reason for cutting down PlayStation 4 manufacturing. The console maker intends to utilize these newly freed up production lines to speed up production of PS5 units, as demand for the current-gen console remains incredibly high and general stock continues to be a massive issue. As with here, Japan is also experiencing PS5 stock shortages, so it’s heartening to hear that the newer hardware is being prioritised.

Though now it’s been officially confirmed, PS4 Pro ceasing production lines up with the trend we here at Console Deals have been noticing. Trying to get a bundle including Sony’s mid-step console has proved almost as impossible as securing a PS5 in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so it’s possible that this move has already been in effect for quite some time.

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