Nintendo Wii U Bundles Revealed for Japan

By Tom | | 739 |

The Nintendo Wii U press conference in Japan has been happening this morning, Japanese release date set for 8th December and 26,250 yen (£209) price tag!

People have been estimating the price of the nintendo wii u for some time, but this mornings revelations has been good news! Iwata announced the price in Japan for the basic Wii U bundle to cost 26,250 yen (£209) and a premium Wii U Bundle 31,500 yen (£251). The console is in line with the current generation consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360, and in addition to a HD Gaming console you get a gamepad tablet, true, we dont yet fully understand the capabilities of the controller but when it is individually priced at 13,440 yen(£107) it sounds like a good deal.

The two bundles announced for Japan the basic set and the premium set contain the following:

Wii U Basic bundle
The basic set comes with an 8GB storage capacity, White Console, White Wii Gamepad, and a White Stylus

Wii U Premium bundle
The Wii U Premium set comes with a 32GB storage capacity, Black Console, Black Wii Gamepad, Black Stylus, Console Stand, Gamepad Stand and Gamepad Charger.

We were treated with the reveal of the official Wii U Games box art also, of NintendoLand and Super Mario Bros U, which will both be available on release day

The EU and NA press conferences start today at 3PM BST, we will keep you updated with the latest news on the Nintendo Wii U!