PS4 Codename “Orbis”

By Tom | | 1029 |

According to source “Kotaku” The PS4, codenamed Orbis will hit our stores at Christmas 2013? This apparently was revealed by a reliable source to Kotaku who’s apparently shared correct information in the past. They also shared the hardware specs – an AMD Southern Islands Graphics Chip that will allow for 1080p 3D games and regular games to be played in a resolution of 4096 x 2160? 2160p seems slightly extreme!
Its not unexpected that a few select developers are getting the development kits already, naughty dog most likely.

There was however some bad news to follow this juicy rumour, the next generation console is said to not be backwards compatible with Playstation 3 games?! This is a major sucker punch for anybody with a large collection of PS3 games. Why would they do this? Well, the main reason being Sony can put the PS3 titles up on the playstation network for you to buy again to get on your “Orbis” and make a lot of money. It was also hinted that the games will be available in download form or as Blu-ray Discs, but when you play a disc for the first time it will lock itself into that single PSN account and require authenticating before you can play. Very frustrating when a friend or family members wants to borrow that game, this is supposedly a move to target the used games market.

Remember that these are just rumours however as anonymous sources are more often than not, not real sources. But these do sound like the Sony way, increasing power and output and at the same time frustrating thousands of potential customers?

One thing backing up this story and the name “Orbis” is that if you visit it redirects you to the sony developers network website!? Although there is nothing relating to the orbis replacing the orbis with vita takes you to the same page.

Let us know how you feel about the “orbis” and how things for the ps4 are shaping up?