The best 2 player Xbox Series X games

Microsoft recently launched an exciting new gaming generation with the release of both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. New home consoles means a that whole new world of technological capabilities is now opened, including for fans that prefer to experience games co-operatively. That’s why, in honour of this exciting time, we’ve decided to collate together a list of the 10 best 2 player Xbox Series X games. It being so early in the generation does mean there’s a lot of crossover, so all the following work on the Xbox Series S and Xbox One as well (for now).

Xbox Series X owners don’t just have access to modern games, but an entirely library of titles from previous Xbox generations. That’s why our list of the 10 best 2 player Xbox Series X games has been designed to reflect that. Whether you’re seeking a regularly updated pirate simulator ideal for virtual sea-faring adventures or want to lock and load as part of a blockbuster cover shooter, the Xbox Series X is stacked with 2 player releases primed to keep most co-op dedicated gaming duos busy.

10. Sea of Thieves

Originally launched back in 2017 for the Xbox One, Rare’s claymation-like pirate game is an online co-operative player’s dream, letting you and a bunch of friends set sail on the open sea to plunder some ancient treasure. It also players just as great, if not better, on the Xbox Series X. Sea of Thieves has received several content updates in the years since its release, with expansions like The Hungering Deep and Cursed Sails slowly growing to make it one of the best 2 player games for Xbox players out there.

It’s one of the best 2 player Xbox Series X games out there because players can now enjoy the experience at 60 fps at a full 4K resolution. Such crisp visuals and smooth performance previously weren’t possible on the Xbox One. Legendary adventures await teams of two with an Xbox Series X and a Game Pass subscription, as Sea of Thieves is the ultimate pirate simulator. Better still, it’s a game best played with friends online.


9. Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect rolled out the red carpet for its release on Xbox Series X, packing in all the great block-dropping content players on other platforms had enjoyed but with one special extra feature: multiplayer. That’s right. Only on the Xbox Series X version are you able to compete or work side-by-side with other players. Tetris Effect plays like many other takes on the concept, only now any tile slotting and matches you make can now affect the scenery and soundscapes around you.

The all-new co-operative multiplayer mode is what sees Tetris Effect: Connected make this list of the 10 best 2 player Xbox Series X games, acting as a cosmic-fuelled delight in which you and an online friend engage in various game types. Tetris Effect actually can support up to three players simultaneously, connecting all three of their playfields into one while taking down a series of boss battles that get increasingly more challenging.


8. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

What’s better than one Halo game? Four, of course. That’s what Xbox players quickly found out in 2015 when The Master Chief Collection released. Compiling Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 in one neat remastered packaged, the local split-screen multiplayer featured in all games successfully made the transition to the next-gen – and it has again for the Xbox Series X. Plus, co-op preferring FPS fans that play it here will benefit from several performance enhancements.

The Master Chief Collection packs a lot of value for just one game, hence why it’s an easy candidate for our list of the 10 best 2 player Xbox Series X games, even if it’s also playable on Xbox One. As if playing through four of the most celebrated sci-fi first-person shooters wasn’t enough to entice you, on the Series X co-op players will be able to enjoy them in 4K resolution at 60 fps. It’s the definitive way to experience Bungie’s original trilogy.


7. Gears 5

Gears 5 released as one of the biggest cover-shooters from the past few years, delivering a pulse-pounding campaign and suite of multiplayer modes that can all be played in glorious local or online co-op. This alone would be enough for it to make this list of the best 2 player Xbox Series X games, but as you might expect it plays best on Microsoft’s new console thanks to several performance updates that improves stability. Gunning down legions of Swarm enemies as Kait and the rest of her squad has never looked or played better – especially in co-op.

4K resolution at 60 fps is now standard in Gears 5, even for teams of two wanting to play in the same room via split-screen. The game actually supports up to three players simultaneously in the campaign, with two people able to play as Kait and a friend while the other takes on the role of their AI buddy Jack. Together they’ll explore all-new territory while trying to seek out Kait’s origins, venturing through snow and over sand in one of the best 2 player Xbox Series X games. Then, once you’re done, your friend group can keep up the cover-shooting fun in PvP and horde mode.


6. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an action-adventure game scheduled to release on Xbox Series X this year, in which you and another player take on the role of estranged couple Cody and May who are suddenly transformed into dolls and shrunken down to size. It comes from Hazelight Studios, the developer who has seen great success in the co-op sphere with both A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two sons before it. Out very soon on March 26th, it already looks to be one of the most promising 2 player Xbox Series X games.

The game takes place entirely in split-screen, forcing you and a co-operative friend to solve puzzles individually before coming together to advance the plot. It Takes Two even sports a whimsical art style to make it ideal for players of all ages, regardless of whether you typically play 2 player games or not. We’ll need to wait a bit more to see whether It Takes Two lives up to its promise, yet all the makings are here for a modern co-operative delight.


5. Warhammer Chaosbane – Slayer Edition

Top-down dungeon crawlers are perfect for co-operative pairs that just want to chill out and relax without thinking too much. And sure, while Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is the untouchable grandaddy of the genre, it’s actually Warhammer Chaosbane that has offered up a version unique to the Xbox Series X. It’s called Warhammer Chaosbane – Slayer Edition, which includes the Tomb Kings expansion, all previously released content, as well as the highly celebrated core campaign.

Warhammer Chaosbane – Slayer Edition is one of the best 2 player Xbox Series X games because it allows for local co-op up to four players, letting each of you take on the role of an ancient warrior ho must defend a world being ravaged by dark magic. If you’re into high fantasy and want to enjoy gameplay that is strangely satisfying for how simple it is, you can’t do much better than playing Chaosbane with a friend.


4. Borderlands 3: Next level edition

How do you follow up one of the most celebrated and chaotic co-op player first-person shooters ever made? That’s the question Gearbox asked themselves when developing Borderlands 3, which for all intents and purposes expanded the cell-shaded universe by adding new planets, even more guns and buttery smooth co-operative multiplayer. The Xbox Series X version received a 4K patch known as the Next Level Edition, which also maintains 60 fps even in local 2-player splitscreen.

You’ll once again begin your journey in Borderlands 3 as a lowly vault hunter, destined to save the galaxy by shooting as many aliens as possible in the face alongside friends. There are four vault hunter classes to choose from, all of whom feature a unique skillset that can be further boosted the more you level up. Even when you and your pal pick the same character, what makes Borderlands 3 a great 2 player Xbox Series X game is that you’ll still wind up with very different techniques.


3. Deep Rock Galactic

While most people associate dwarves with a high-fantasy setting, Deep Rock Galactic transports the squat, bearded warriors to an intergalactic setting, fighting through various procedurally generated levels to harvest fuel for the titular corporation. The game sports a polygonal aesthetic which gives it a certain classic charm. This, combined with the funny dialogue exchanges between the in-game characters, makes fending off legions of spiders fun when doing so in a tight team of four.

Because the game is procedural, it’s a 2 player Xbox Series X delight that you and your friends can keep coming back to, never quite knowing the challenges that lie ahead. You return to your ship in between planetary visits, upgrading your space dwarf with much better gear and even more traversal items that makes getting around much easier. Honestly, Deep Rock Galactic easily makes our list of the 10 best 2 player Xbox Series X games and is well worth a look.


2. Back 4 Blood

Xbox players have been crying out for another entry into the much-beloved Left 4 Dead series for over 10 years now. Valve, however, don’t seem to be too forthcoming in wanting to meet people’s demands. Luckily, original developer Turtle Rock has parted ways with the franchise’s publisher and started work on their own spiritual successor, scheduled to release this year on Xbox Series X and other platforms. It’s called Back 4 Blood and, as you may expect, has you and three others blasting through zombie hordes in glorious online co-op.

There are some big difference between Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, the main one being a new card system that provides online matches with certain mechanical tweaks. This helps give the game much better replay value, as gameplay modifiers like increased enemy health and mutated boss types offer up a fresh spin every time. It may not be out yet, but we’re confident that Back 4 Blood will be one of the best 2 player Xbox Series X games out there.


1. Overcooked! All you can Eat

Culinary chaos is always on the menu in the Overcooked! games, so we can’t imagine not giving it the top spot when discussing the very best 2 player Xbox Series X games. Luckily, on this new generation of consoles, you can play both the first game and it’s sequel in a neat package known as Overcooked! All You Can Eat, which blends the two games together alongside every piece of DLC released thus far and the all-new “Peckish Rises” adventure.

All this you can enjoy in beautiful 4K thanks to the power of Xbox Series X. You’ll still have to navigate increasingly chaotic stages while trying to complete the required level of kitchen orders, but now you can do so alongside friends in the ultimate food frenzy. Just be prepared for the odd dispute, as the co-op platform offered in Overcooked! All You Can Eat is perfectly primed to see the plates and dishes fly. Yum!


Honourable Mentions

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is a four-player co-operative romp that plays great on Series X. A steady 60 fps and enhanced visuals make Microsoft’s net-gen console the premiere way to slash iconic monsters alongside friends, hunting down the best armour pieces and improving your weapons to complete amazing feats of action. It already looked great on Xbox One, but if you want to take down giant beasts as part of a squad and have fun doing it, look no further than Monster Hunter: World.


State of Decay 2

The survival game genre is usually a solo affair, but Xbox exclusive State of Decay 2 changes that by challenging teams of four to manage the undead hordes while trying to defend their own post-apocalyptic base. Not knowing what challenges lie around the corner is part of what keeps you on your toes, as you and friends try to scavenge food, gear and more while finding increasingly creative ways to keep the flesh-eating hordes at bay. It’s a different style of 2 player Series X game, but one worth playing with a buddy. 


Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Rebellion’s alternate-history shooter series returned not too long ago, giving players on Xbox Series X the opportunity to team up and gun down hordes of undead Nazis. Zombie Army 4: Dead War harkens back to the days of Left 4 Dead, placing you and up to four others in several crazy scenarios where blasting your way out is the best course of action. The X-Ray vision also returns here for this fourth outing, deliciously presenting the best kills in grizzly and gory detail. 

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