Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: What’s the difference?

By Aaron Potter |

Difference between the Xbox One S vs Xbox One X

Microsoft continues to make waves with its eighth-generation console platform by releasing multiple different versions of the Xbox One. This is great in offering existing and potential players more choice but can often result in a headache for those unaware of what the differences are. Luckily, Console Deals is here to help! There are two…

PS4 vs Xbox One: Which is the better console and why

By Aaron Potter |

PS4 vs Xbox One

While it might feel like a lifetime ago right now, 2013 was a year that gifted us with two glorious new consoles in the Xbox One and PS4. Both do well in letting players experience all that current-generation gaming has to offer, but it’s only natural to assume that most people will only be able…

PowerA gaming controller review

By Aaron Potter |

Power A gaming controllers

While it’s commonplace for every console you buy to provide you with one right out of the box, gaming controllers, like any form of hardware, are constantly being iterated upon. Professional eSports players know all about this, often searching beyond the Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch’s standard gamepad to find a controller that is…

10 essentials for the ultimate game night

By Aaron Potter |

Game Night

We doubt many would argue that one of the best ways to escape the typical rigamaroles of life is to settle down with friends and jump into a great game. However, why not kick this up a notch and plan out your own dedicated game night? After all, passing the controller around the room while…

Where to buy the best custom Xbox One controller

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox design lab header custom controller

A custom controller is the perfect way to express your own preferred style of gaming whenever you settle down for that next extended play session. Modern technology has now advanced so far that no longer are you limited to simple controller colours like White, Black and possibly Grey (if you’re lucky). Rather, both first and…

Where to get the best Xbox One trade-in price

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How to get the best Xbox One trade-in price

Have an Xbox One, an Xbox One S or a 4K-ready Xbox One X but want to swap it out either for cash or an entirely new platform? Submitting your Microdoft console for trade in is the best option for those  looking to shakeup your gaming lifestyle by switching to PS4 or Nintendo Switch, or…

Is Xbox One Backwards Compatible?

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Xbox 360 was the previous generation’s best-selling console for a reason, featuring tonnes of brilliant games that are still fun to jump back into. Because of this, it’s a good thing that the Xbox One has offers various ways for you to play a wide selection of classic Xbox 360 titles. Xbox One is, in…