PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: What are the major differences?

By Aaron Potter |

PS5 console – normal and digital edition (1)

June 11th marked the day when Sony would finally give us a proper look at what the PlayStation 5 would look like. Alongside a slew of exciting announcements that showed off a fair few PS5 games, the ‘Future of Gaming’ reveal event ended with a big reveal: PS5 would be launching in Holiday 2020 not…

Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

By Aaron Potter |

PlayStation 5 logo

The arrival of PlayStation 5 is a cause to be excited, sure, but with that excitement comes the occasional unknown factor. One of these is the matter of backwards compatibility, and whether or not Sony’s new console will support games released on PS4, PS3 and possibly even PS2. If you’re one of these prospective players…