Is the PS4 kid and family friendly?

PS4 family friend guide

An unqualified success since its launch in 2013, the PS4 is a continuation of the incredible PlayStation legacy. It’s the most popular console of its generation, meaning that the chances are that if your kids are looking for a console that will enable them to play with their friends, it’ll be the PS4. In this…

What are the Different PS4 FIFA 18 Bundles and Which Should I Buy?

FIFA 18 PS4 Bundle 1

Another new football season means another edition of EA’s enormously popular football simulation, FIFA. FIFA 18 promises to take the potent mix of incredible graphics, unrivalled licensing arrangements and lightning fast gameplay to deliver the series’ most developed entry yet. This year, it’ll be Sony and PlayStation that are offering several different console and FIFA…

What are the different PS4 models?

PS4 Models

There are currently 3 different PS4 Models; the original PS4, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

The original PS4 is currently being phased out, replaced by the PS4 Slim, which has the same specs but is a third smaller. Both are available as 500GB and 1TB, and like the PS4, come with HDR due to a recent PlayStation update.

The PS4 Pro is the most powerful PlayStation ever, allowing you to play games in 4K. It is currently only available in 1TB.