PS4 vs PS4 Pro: The Differences Explained

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Quick links to what we’ve covered in this PS4 vs PS4 Pro buying guide: At a glance Performance Design Price Games Summary With the original launch PS4 model now six years old, it was always inevitable that a smaller, much neater-looking console revision would be released on the market. We eventually got this by way…

What are the different PS4 models?

PS4 Models

There are currently 3 different PS4 Models; the original PS4, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

The original PS4 is currently being phased out, replaced by the PS4 Slim, which has the same specs but is a third smaller. Both are available as 500GB and 1TB, and like the PS4, come with HDR due to a recent PlayStation update.

The PS4 Pro is the most powerful PlayStation ever, allowing you to play games in 4K. It is currently only available in 1TB.