The 10 best RPG games on Nintendo Switch in 2020

By Aaron Potter |


The Nintendo Switch continues to prove itself as an ideal platform for all kinds of genres, but there’s something to be said for those games that let us explore the world as a fully formed character. You know the sort, those sprawling experiences where you’re given the ability to grow and level up, evolving alongside…

The 10 best single-player Nintendo Switch games

By Aaron Potter |

Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch might be a console specifically geared towards playing with other people (why else would it come with two Joy-Con controllers?) but it also is perfect for players wanting to get deeply invested within an engrossing and sprawling solo endeavour. And since Nintendo’s hybrid console has now been on the market for a staggering three…

The 10 best 2 player Nintendo Switch games

By Aaron Potter |


One of the many perks of the Nintendo Switch is that it comes with two controllers out of the box, which makes settling down to play a 2 player Nintendo Switch game quite the breeze. It’s a console that offers three unique play options: handheld, tabletop or docked mode. All of which works well when…

Nintendo Switch Online: Every Service, NES and SNES Game

By Aaron Potter |

Nintendo Switch Online banner

Much like the multiplayer-centric services available on PS4, PC and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch comes complete with its own online subscription aimed at letting players get the most out of Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s simply called Nintendo Switch Online, and it’s specifically geared to open up a new dimension of play for those wanting…

What are the different Nintendo Switch models?

By Aaron Potter |

Complete guide to Nintendo Switch controllers

Released worldwide in March 2017, there was only initially one model of the Nintendo Switch available for people to buy. Now, almost three years later, however, two new models have been added to the console family, with UK retailers stocking the original Nintendo Switch, a slightly revised version with better battery life, and a sleeker,…