What are the different Nintendo Switch models?

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Complete guide to Nintendo Switch controllers

Released worldwide in March 2017, there was only initially one model of the Nintendo Switch available for people to buy. Now, almost three years later, however, two new models have been added to the console family, with UK retailers stocking the original Nintendo Switch, a slightly revised version with better battery life, and a sleeker,…

10 best Nintendo Switch exclusive games

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So you’ve just picked up a Nintendo Switch and are looking to play the best of what the platform has to offer. Luckily, we at Console Deals have got you covered! The beauty of Nintendo’s new hybrid console is that you can play great games on the go as well as at home on the…

PowerA gaming controller review

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Power A gaming controllers

While it’s commonplace for every console you buy to provide you with one right out of the box, gaming controllers, like any form of hardware, are constantly being iterated upon. Professional eSports players know all about this, often searching beyond the Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch’s standard gamepad to find a controller that is…

The best Nintendo Switch deals on Prime Day 2019

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Swich Prime Day Banner

If you’ve been holding out in buying a Nintendo Switch and waiting for the correct price, boy does Prime Day have plenty in store for you. Prime Day is Amazon’s annual two-day sales event that sees lots of price drop across various categories – and the Nintendo Switch is no different. From console bundles offering…

10 essentials for the ultimate game night

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Game Night

We doubt many would argue that one of the best ways to escape the typical rigamaroles of life is to settle down with friends and jump into a great game. However, why not kick this up a notch and plan out your own dedicated game night? After all, passing the controller around the room while…

Where to get the UK’s best Nintendo Switch trade-in price

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How to get the best Nintendo Switch trade-in price

Having now been held within the firm grip of players for almost three years, the Nintendo Switch is a console that continues to inspire the imagination of children and adults. Not only does it deliver great exclusive games you can’t play anywhere else like the Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but it’s also…

How to spot Nintendo Switch price drop sales

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Nintendo Switch Price Drop

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most exciting consoles released for quite a while, being unique in that it can be played portable as a handheld and at home on the big screen via a dock. This hybrid nature effectively doubles the value of the Nintendo Switch and as such makes finding one at…

The 10 best gaming headsets

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Best gaming headsets

While TV speakers or a surround sound system will do their best to use audio to immerse you further into a game, both will only get you so far! That’s where the beauty of a dedicated gaming headset comes in, where soon you’ll start to notice audio cues you previously didn’t recognise before, immersing yourself…