When will the PS4 Pro price drop?

How to spot the next PS4 Pro sale

Specifically designed for players who want to experience the smoothest gameplay and crispest visuals possible, the PS4 Pro was introduced in 2016 as a mid-generation hardware revision to the UK’s best-selling console. It’s the closest thing PS4 players can get to a high-grade gaming PC. In some ways it’s better, being the home to great console exclusives like Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Want to know where you can find the best PS4 Pro price drop? Here we’ll run through a gauntlet of simple but useful tips and tricks.

Snap up a PS4 Pro when the price drops

PS4 Pro is actually one of three PlayStation 4 SKUs currently on the market; the others being the original launch PS4, which can no longer be purchased new, and the PS4 Slim, which replaced it alongside the PS4 Pro’s launch in 2016. What this means is that you’ll likely see standard PS4s (pre-owned) and PS4 Slims accrue much larger price drops compared to the PS4 Pro. But its worth noting that PS4 Pro price drops do tend to occur frequently throughout the year.

In terms of where to purchase a PS4 Pro, there are plenty of online and in-store retailers that’d be happy to cater to your need. While usual suspects like GAME, Amazon and Argos might initially seem like they have the best PS4 Pro price drop, we’d recommend shopping around to some lesser-known retailers, such as Base and AO, who often undercut the big retailer heavyweights. Want to check? Simply use our price comparison tool on Console Deals.


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PS4 Pro sale days

PS4 Pro is a premium home console in that it allows players to enjoy game in beautiful, eye-widening 4K quality. This significant increase in power results in a just as significant price difference, which makes waiting for a PS4 Pro sale a reasonable effort. The best time to seek out these PS4 Pro price drops is generally whenever a UK holiday hits, such as Easter Weekend, Bank Holiday Monday and of course, the Christmas season. Around then is when you can expect to see a big chunk taken off the standard PS4 Pro RRP, especially now that PS5 is confirmed to arrive as early as 2020. Be sure to sign-up to one of our WhatsApp deal alerts to be the first to know about the next PS4 Pro sale!

PS4 Pro deals during Black Friday weekend

As consumers, most of us have been conditioned to believe that Black Friday is the best time to pick up any console, PS4 Pro included, when that thinking’s not necessarily true. The fact is that every retailer features plenty of offers throughout the year, with some Summer sales often beating out Black Friday in terms of PS4 Pro sales and price. A good tact is to offset the PS4 Pro’s costs by picking one up as part of a bundle, where you ostensibly get a great Triple-A game for free.

Never pay full asking price

If you want to pick up a brand-new 1TB PS4 Pro on its own, Sony’s super-charged console sits roughly at £350 RRP. This is a substantial increase compared to the PS4 Slim’s more appealing £299 if its 1TB or £250 if it has 500GB. However, those with a 4K TV entertainment set-up will easily notice the difference when jumping into a PS4 Pro enhanced game such as Shadow of the Colossus or Devil May Cry 5. The RRP is yet to undergo a permanent reduction.

Consider second hand PS4 Pro consoles

Of course, one sure-fire way to pick up a PS4 Pro at just the fraction of the usual cost would be to pick up a second-hand PS4 Pro console. Going this route guarantees you’ll get one for far less than £350, providing you’re willing to do the necessary research and find out what the differences between the pre-owned PS4 Pro your looking at and a brand-new one is. Every refurbished PS4 Pro will be given a quality rating, generally from “Great” to “Poor”, and this can be a good indication.


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Never miss a PS4 Pro price drop

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