Where to buy a PS4 on finance and pay 0% interest

The PS4 has had such an immensely successful console generation, it recently topped the list of best-selling consoles here in the UK. However, despite such widespread popularity, both the Slim and Pro models have stubbornly stuck to their prices. Only during Black Friday does either version even think about going on sale. In this guide, however, we’ll explain how best you can spread the cost of buying a PS4 so you don't have to fork out for one in a giant lump sum.

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As the dedicated pro gamer’s PS4 of choice, buying one can be a costly endeavour – but not if you choose to purchase a PS4 via finance, such as 0% interest, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), pay monthly and pay weekly. To help you find the right finance plan to suit your budget, we've researched which UK retailers offer PS4 finance plans and on what terms. What's more all available PS4 consoles for each plan will be listed - providing they're in stock.

Interest free PS4 finance

PS4 0% Interest

A 0% interest PS4 finance plan is without doubt the best way to spread the cost of your purchase, being the only dedicated finance options that ensures you pick up a new PS4 console for its original cost and nothing more. This is a great way to finance the cost of a PS4 Pro, which will set you back at least £300. Multiple retailers offer interest free PS4 finance options, and they are:

Interest free PS4 deals from AO. AO’s interest free credit is offered over a length of 6 or 12 months in monthly instalments. There's no initial upfront cost and the sign-up process is extremely straightforward. AO also regularly offers some of the cheapest PS4 bundles available, which is an added bonus, as is the free of charge next day delivery on all PS4 consoles. Just make sure that your preferred PS4 bundle is priced over £200 - that way you'll qualify for the interest free plan.

Interest free PS4 deals from Argos. Argos’ interest free credit is offered up to a period of 12 months with no additional cost when you purchase a PS4 console via their unique Argos Card, which offers flexible payment terms so you can pay back the full amount when it suits you. To avoid paying interest (29.9% APR) you will need to meet the minimum monthly payment. You can sign up for an Argos Card online in a matter of minutes.

Interest free PS4 deals from GAME. The only way to enjoy 0% interest via GAME is through their online portion via a service known as PayPal Credit. It’s applicable to any item over £99 (including the more expensive model, the PS4 Pro) and must be successfully paid over a 4-month period if you want to accrue no additional interest. Miss the deadline and the interest payable is 19.9% APR (variable).


Interest free PS4 deals from Music Magpie. Music Magpie specialise in offering refurbished PS4 consoles – second hand PlayStations that have been given an 'MOT' – at a 0% interest rate. Your order will need to be over £99 (most refurbished PS4 consoles will be over this price tag), and much like with GAME can only be used in conjunction with PayPal Credit.

Buy now pay later PS4 finance

Buy Now Pay Later PS4

If you're desperate to pick up a new PS4 console but haven't got the cash to pay for it today, you can opt for a buy now pay later finance plan from the same retailers we name above that offer interest free finance, namely AO.com, Argos, GAME, and MusicMagpie.

You'll be given anywhere between 3 months, to 12 months to settle the account in full without accruing any interest. If you want to spread the cost over the maximum term - 12 months - you'll need to pay for your PS4 console from Argos using an Argos Card.

Pay monthly PS4 finance

Spreading the cost of your PS4 Pro on a month-by-month basis is very convenient for those that get paid this way, and there are a few top retailers that provide this option.

Argos offers flexible finance plans when purchasing goods with an Argos Card. You can spread the payment over a period that suits you. To avoid paying interest (29.9% APR), you'll need to meet the minimum monthly payment as shown on your statement. To apply for an Argos Card, you'll need to add a PS4 console to your online basket, and opt for home delivery so that your identity can be confirmed instantly.

AO.com is currently offering pay monthly PS4 finance at 19.9% APR. On top of this, AO prices its PS4 deals very competitively. You can pay between 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and there's zero deposit to pay.

Currys PC World allow you to buy PS4 consoles over several years at 24.9% APR representative, and ShopTo who offers PayPal Credit over 6 to 24 months, at only 14.9% APR representative.


How to apply for pay monthly PS4 finance

If you opt to buy your PS4 from Currys PC World, you can opt for pay monthly finance when you get to the checkout stage online. You will need to complete a simple online application at which point your credit file will be checked. If you feel you have poor or bad credit, you may be rejected for PS4 finance. If approval is granted, all you then need to do is e-sign the credit agreement and your purchase is complete. You can then expect delivery of your shiny new console within a few days.

Pay weekly PS4 finance

Choosing to pick up a PS4 Pro as part of a pay weekly plan is most suited to the forgetful, as a weekly reminder can be a good kick up the backside for anyone wanting to accrue to the least amount of interest possible. There are a couple of places that offer this:

  • Pay weekly PS4 deals at Argos. Argos doesn’t offer a pay weekly plan explicitly, but the catalogue-driven retailer lets you to pay instalments whenever is convenient for you, and so can be treated as a pay weekly finance plan. You’ll have to sign up for an Argos Card and make sure it’s paid off before 6, 9 or 12 months (whichever one your purchase falls under) and it’s entirely interest free.
  • Pay weekly PS4 deals at BrightHouse. One of the most popular pay weekly retailers, BrightHouse offers refurbished PS4 Pro on Pay Monthly or Pay Weekly plans at a fixed rate of 99.9% APR representative. However, a small portion of people might want to take advantage of BrightHouse’s Pay Fortnightly option.

PS4 finance bad credit

Those with a bad credit history may find it difficult to get a finance deal from the retailers we've mentioned above, but there is one retailer online that offers finance to "96% of customers that apply". We've never heard of them before conducting the research for this guide, so we can't comment on the service offered. The retailer is called Lintronics.uk and they stock several PS4 bundles available on finance - which all come with 0% APR. The one catch is the high price tag!

PS4 Pro finance deals

We hope you've found the information in this guide useful, and you now know which retailer you need to head to for a new PS4 console on finance. If it's the PS4 Pro that you've got your heart set on, here's today's 4 cheapest prices (if purchased outright) for new PS4 Pro consoles, all available to buy on finance from the retailers we've featured above.

Other PS4 Pro deals available

Please note we are unable to confirm if finance is available from any of the following retailers, but we have featured them for your reference.


If you want a particular game bundled with a PS4 console, check out our PS4 bundle deals page where we feature 100's of deals available to buy today.

NB: The information in this guide does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances. The content in our guide focusses on finance options and interest rates, not the level of service offered.

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