UK's best priced Days Gone PS4 bundle deals

Days Gone released this April as a zombie-filled romp that represented one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest Triple-A releases of the year. You play as Deacon St. John, a weary biker who is forced to survive by running errands for the many encampments living day-to-day in this dilapidated version of Bend, Oregon. It truly is the best way to live out your own Walking Dead-esque fantasy on PS4, letting you blast back hordes of zombies, upgrade your bike and generally scavenge any resource you see.

We’re now a couple of months out from when Days Gone originally launched, making it the perfect time to pick it up at a much lower price point – even better, as part of a PS4 bundle! There are, however, quite a few to choose from. Despite no official tie-in from PlayStation itself, multiple retailers include the game with different PS4 console SKUs. Here we’ll break down all the unofficial Days Gone PS4 bundles currently out there. And we’ll always pull in the very best price.

White PS4 Slim Days Gone Bundle – 500GB

The White PS4 Slim is an incredibly sleek-looking console, being an ideal way into Days Gone’s brand of zombie-slaying and open-world exploration. Below you’ll find the very best prices currently out there relating to every White PS4 Slim Days Gone Bundle. These are for the 500GB White PS4 Slim, which is more than enough storage space to get you going.

Black PS4 Slim Days Gone Bundle – 500GB

The Jet Black PS4 Slim outright replaced the original launch PlayStation 4 way back in 2016, offering purchasers a much neater console that looks great and isn’t prone to fingerprint marks. There are numerous places you can pick up an unofficial Black PS4 Slim Days Gone Bundle – we’ve pulled in the best prices below so you can easily roll out and fight the undead hordes.

Black PS4 Slim Days Gone Bundle – 1TB

If you’re looking for a 1TB PS4 Slim coated in the classic Jet Black when picking up Days Gone as part of a bundle, there’s plenty of retailer picks to consider. You only need take a look at the listings below to see which is best for you, but all will easily accommodate Days Gone’s install file and have more than enough room to spare for even more Triple-A releases.

White PS4 Pro Days Gone Bundle – 1TB

Days Gone is just the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive game to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s better visual capabilities, rendering the ravaged but beautiful state of Oregon in eye-widening 4K. Everything from character detail to weather effects will run better and look even more realistic. And what’s more, you get to enjoy it all on a sleek-looking console when picking up any of the White PS4 Pro Days Gone Bundles listed below.

Black PS4 Pro Days Gone Bundle – 1TB

No PS4 Pro comes with a hard drive featuring less than 1TB. There’s every possibility that you’ll find a 2TB Black PS4 Pro out there, but it’s often extremely hard. Below we’ve listed all the best Black PS4 Pro Days Gone Bundle featuring 1TB of storage, being more than enough to rev up and rollout as Deacon St. John in Days Gone and live out countless other lives in more PS4 exclusive games.

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