The best Nintendo Switch deals on Prime Day 2019

By Aaron Potter |

Swich Prime Day Banner

If you’ve been holding out in buying a Nintendo Switch and waiting for the correct price, boy does Prime Day have plenty in store for you. Prime Day is Amazon’s annual two-day sales event that sees lots of price drop across various categories – and the Nintendo Switch is no different. From console bundles offering…

The best game deals we’ve spotted so far this Prime Day

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The Prime Day deals have finally arrived, meaning that if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you’ll have access to plenty of great game-related deals during both today and tomorrow. Got a particular game you were hoping would drop in price, or maybe you crossed your fingers that one of the many hot new releases would…

Spread the cost of a gaming PC with a 0% interest credit plan

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PS4 controller on PC

While the idea of investing in a PC that’s entirely capable and well-equipped to tackle the task of playing games can seem daunting, we at Console Deals are here to tell you it needn’t be. Of course, our bread and butter has until now been home consoles, but even we can’t deny that the idea…

Switch, PS4 & Xbox Fortnite bundle buyer’s guide

By razor |


Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon since it introduced its Battle Royale mode in late 2017, and is now one of the most played games on the planet. Popular with adults and children alike, it’s no surprise that consoles bundled with Fortnite have been some of our most popular deals over recent months. Here’s our…

10 essentials for the ultimate game night

By Aaron Potter |

Game Night

We doubt many would argue that one of the best ways to escape the typical rigamaroles of life is to settle down with friends and jump into a great game. However, why not kick this up a notch and plan out your own dedicated game night? After all, passing the controller around the room while…

Amazon Prime Day deals for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

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Amazon Prime Day

The 15th and 16th of July will see a host of great savings arrive on in celebration of its annual sales event, Prime Day. Touted as a “two-day parade of non-stop deals”, this is when you’ll be able to pick up a plethora of gaming goodies for a wildly discounted price. And here we’ll…

Could we see Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch?

By Aaron Potter |

Call of Duty Nintendo Switch

As the house of Mario’s newest console venture, the Nintendo Switch is a lot of things. It’s portable, useful for making arduous commutes fly by; it’s home to hundreds of great indies, ideal for grazing on between major triple-A release; and finally, it’s perfect for couch co-op play thanks to having two Joy-Con controllers packaged…

What makes for a good gaming laptop? – A gamer’s buying guide

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Gaming laptop buyer’s guide

Dipping your toe into the waters of PC gaming can often feel like risky business. There are so many components and technical factors to consider that the entire process can feel daunting, disillusioning and just generally a bit of a chore. Finding a good gaming laptop, however, does away with most of these drawbacks, working…

Best wired controllers for console gaming

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best wired controller

It used to be that every console controller had to be wired back in the day. After all, wireless devices in general had barely gotten off the ground even by the early 2000s. Eventually the advent of Infrared and Bluetooth found their way into smartphones, until players had to make the choice between a wireless…