PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: What are the major differences?

By Aaron Potter |

PS5 console – normal and digital edition (1)

June 11th marked the day when Sony would finally give us a proper look at what the PlayStation 5 would look like. Alongside a slew of exciting announcements that showed off a fair few PS5 games, the ‘Future of Gaming’ reveal event ended with a big reveal: PS5 would be launching in Holiday 2020 not…

The 10 best first-person shooters on PS4 in 2020

By Aaron Potter |

Overwatch shooter

More so than any other genre in video games, PS4 owners are never left wanting for a solid first-person shooter to play. It’s the style of game that has remained the most popular for almost two entire console generations now, with plenty of titles perfectly primed to let players kick back and relax as they…

What is Xbox Series X Smart Delivery and How does it work?

By Aaron Potter |

Halo Infinite Master Chief

There are several reasons why players should be excited about Xbox Series X’s arrival this Holiday 2020. But arguably one of the biggest is the promise of what Microsoft has dubbed “Smart Delivery”. Now, we wouldn’t blame you if this turn of phrase meant absolutely nothing to you, but it’s perhaps best described as a…

The 10 best RPG games on Nintendo Switch in 2020

By Aaron Potter |


The Nintendo Switch continues to prove itself as an ideal platform for all kinds of genres, but there’s something to be said for those games that let us explore the world as a fully formed character. You know the sort, those sprawling experiences where you’re given the ability to grow and level up, evolving alongside…

Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

By Aaron Potter |

PlayStation 5 logo

The arrival of PlayStation 5 is a cause to be excited, sure, but with that excitement comes the occasional unknown factor. One of these is the matter of backwards compatibility, and whether or not Sony’s new console will support games released on PS4, PS3 and possibly even PS2. If you’re one of these prospective players…

How to get a free Xbox One with a new mobile phone contract

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox One X hyperspace edition

Not only is Xbox One the sole platform that can comfortably claim its home to “the world’s most powerful console”, but over the years it’s built up an attractive catalogue of exclusive games, too. That’s why it pays to purchase an Xbox One S or Xbox One X if you’re at all into gaming, but…

The 10 best single-player Nintendo Switch games

By Aaron Potter |

Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch might be a console specifically geared towards playing with other people (why else would it come with two Joy-Con controllers?) but it also is perfect for players wanting to get deeply invested within an engrossing and sprawling solo endeavour. And since Nintendo’s hybrid console has now been on the market for a staggering three…

The 10 best single-player Xbox One games

By Aaron Potter |


The Xbox may have been the dominant console for multiplayer back in the 360 era, but it didn’t take long for Xbox One to evolve into a versatile platform where players could enjoy deep and engrossing single-player games, too. Xbox Series X will arrive to replace Xbox One this November, so we thought it worth celebrating the 10…