Where to get the best Xbox One trade-in price

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How to get the best Xbox One trade-in price

Whether you own a launch Xbox One, an Xbox One S or a 4K-ready Xbox One X, Microsoft’s platform is home to a whole host of great games like Gears of War, Halo and Forza Horizon. However, if you’re looking to shakeup your gaming lifestyle by switching to PS4 or Nintendo Switch, or just want…

Where to get the UK’s best Nintendo Switch trade-in price

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How to get the best Nintendo Switch trade-in price

Despite still being relatively new to the market, the Nintendo Switch is a console that continues to inspire the imagination of both kids and kids at heart. Not only does it deliver great first-party exclusive titles like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, but it’s also a great home…

Where to buy a cheap PS4 White in the UK

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White PS4 Console

So you’re looking to upgrade your existing PS4 for a shiny new model. But why stick with the standard visual aesthetic when you could add a splash of personality by grabbing a special edition console? Of these, PS4 White consoles are by far the most common – which makes it easy to find one across…

Is Xbox One Backwards Compatible?

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Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Xbox 360 was the previous generation’s best-selling console for a reason, featuring tonnes of brilliant games that are still fun to jump back into. Because of this, it’s a good thing that the Xbox One has offers various ways for you to play a wide selection of classic Xbox 360 titles. Xbox One is, in…

The Best PC Gaming Monitors

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Best PC Gaming Monitors

PC gaming differs greatly from the console experience, largely because you suddenly have greater control over the various components which directly influence your level of enjoyment. Whereas those playing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 may not feel the need to swap out their display in order to play, for example, opting for a…

When will the PS4 Pro price drop?

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PS4 Pro Price Drop

How to spot the next PS4 Pro sale Specifically designed for players who want to experience the smoothest gameplay and crispest visuals possible, the PS4 Pro was introduced in 2016 as a mid-generation hardware revision to the UK’s best-selling console. It’s the closest thing PS4 players can get to a high-grade gaming PC. In some…

How to spot Nintendo Switch price drop sales

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How to spot Nintendo Switch price drops

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most exciting consoles released for quite a while, being unique in that it can be played portable as a handheld and at home on the big screen via a dock. This hybrid nature effectively doubles the value of the Nintendo Switch and as such makes finding one at…

The 10 Best Gaming Chairs

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best gaming chairs

If your sofa or beanbag isn’t quite cutting it during those extended game sessions that carry on into the early hours of the morning, it’s likely that a gaming chair will improve your experience tenfold. Most come designed with use across multiple consoles in mind, and almost always connect wirelessly for a seamless set-up. Here…

Where to get the best PS4 trade in prices

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PS4 Trade-In Price

So you’ve decided to trade in your precious PS4. It’s served you well, offering up great gaming experiences through the likes of Uncharted 4, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, but the time has come for you to gift it to another player – likely in the hopes of switching platform to Xbox One,…

Is PS4 backwards compatible?

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PS4 Backwards Compatible

Is the PS4 backwards compatible? The short answer is no – you can’t play PS3, PS2, or PS1 discs. Thankfully you can play PS2 classics via PS Store, and PS3 games via PlayStation Now, on any PS4 system.