How to get a free PS4 with a new mobile phone contract

By Aaron Potter | | 4084 |

FREE STUFF! Great, now that we have your attention we thought it worth re-emphasising how the search for a new smartphone is also one of the best times to capitalise on a free video games console. In this case, the PlayStation 4. It all starts with what brand or type of smartphone you’re interested in picking up, and then using this information to your advantage.

Pretty much all major phone networks here in the UK offer contracts that come complete with a free gift. Sometimes this is a new laptop, tablet or a gift card, but we don’t need to tell you that getting a free PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch is where it’s at. In this guide we’ll run through some of the most prominent free PS4 phone contract deals currently out there specifically, saving you time and hassle wondering which network is the one worth placing your faith in.

Free PS4 with new iPhone deals

Apple have continued to dominate the smartphone market for years on end, and this isn’t something that looks likely to change very soon. We’ll forgive the notion of the Animoji for the ability to run iOS 12, make use of a TrueDepth camera and enjoy an impressive 6.1-inch Liquid retina display. If we can enjoy all this along with a free PS4, then even better. Here are the current free PS4 iPhone offers available from the big three.

iPhone XR

Vodafone Free PS4 Deals with iPhone XR: Any iPhone isn’t cheap at the best of times, so it should come as no surprise that the upfront cost Vodafone require for their free PS4 with new iPhone deal is £832.99. This is, in fact, only slightly more than if you were to buy the XR (64GB) outright, however, and it does come with a Jet Black PS4 Pro with 1TB of storage, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. That’s not bad when you consider that this is over a 24-month period at just £24 per month.

EE Free PS4 Deals with iPhone XR: EE’s take on the same iPhone XR phone contract also comes with a 1TB PS4 Pro and requires a slightly less upfront payment of £819.99. This does come at the cost of higher monthly fee, but it’s only £20 per month over two years. That’s with unlimited texts and unlimited call time, yet you’re still lumbered with the poor data allowance of 0.5GB.

O2 Free PS4 Deals with iPhone XR: O2 further tips the balance with their iPhone XR contract with free PS4 deal, asking for the lowest upfront cost in just £770.99 but asking for a monthly fee of £24 over the same two-year period. You do, however, get a whopping 3GB of data in addition to the expected unlimited texts and minutes.

Free PS4 with new Sony Xperia deals

Let’s say you want to pick up an Xperia Smartphone and PS4 combo; This especially makes sense when you consider that both products are mass produced by Sony, therefore boasting certain interconnectivity features such as remote play compatibility. Sony Xperia owners can play their PS4 remotely using their phone as a second screen. There are multiple places you can go to find a contract of this type, and below we’ve covered just a select few of them.

Sony Xperia L1

Vodafone Free PS4 Deals with Sony Xperia: Vodafone currently have a great pay monthly phone contract relating to the Sony Xperia L1. It comes packaged with a PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console, offers unlimited texts and 500 minutes of call time. The contract does disappoint a little on the data side of things with only 0.5GB to play with, but for £19 per month over a 24-month period it’s a decent deal – providing you can pony up for a £244 up front cost.

EE Free PS4 Deals with Sony Xperia: EE offer the same Sony Xperia L1 and PS4 Pro 1TB package above for a slightly higher monthly rate of £20 per month. The upfront cost, however, is a little less at just £231.99, but you do still get unlimited minutes, 0.5GB of data and, more notably, unlimited minutes this time around.

O2 Free PS4 Deals with Sony Xperia: O2 approach the Sony Xperia L1 phone contract slightly differently in that you still get a Jet Black 1TB PS4 Pro, but it’s perhaps the best deal for this combo at just £24 a month with a low upfront cost of £182.99. Minutes and texts are both unlimited, but another significant step up is in terms of data allowance. O2 gives you a whopping 3GB of data – that’s more than enough to see you through a 24-month contract, rendering O2 the best free PS4 with new Sony Xperia deal.

Free PS4 with new Samsung Galaxy deals

Samsung’s Galaxy series is many people’s preferred choice of Android smartphones, and the current S8 represents the best its ever been. Not only does it feature what’s known as an infinity display to keep images looking crystal clear, but it’s awesome new camera and curved edge design truly makes it a modern smartphone that stands out from the pack. All three of the major phone networks offer players the potential to grab one with a free PS4 gift, so let’s get into it.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Vodafone Free PS4 Deals with Samsung Galaxy: Vodafone can set you up with a Samsung Galaxy S8 with 500 minutes, unlimited UK texts and 0.5GB of data for an upfront cost of £428.99 and a monthly payment of £19 over a two-year period. This includes a Jet Black 1TB PS4, which is all you’ll need to unlock the gateway to great games like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and more.

EE Free PS4 Deals with Samsung Galaxy: EE offer up the same Samsung Galaxy S8 phone contract on similar terms, but with slightly differing rates. The upfront cost, for example, is a much lower £325.99. This does mean that the monthly payment rises to £28, but it included unlimited call minutes this time around in addition to 0.5GB of data and unlimited texts.

O2 Free PS4 Deals with Samsung Galaxy: Finally, O2 enter the field with their same great 3GB data allowance, retaining unlimited calls and texts for the Samsung Galaxy S8. This means having to pony up an upfront costs that sits somewhere in the middle of what EE and Vodafone offer, being £366 with a regular monthly cost of £24 per month over 24 months.