How to get a free PS4 with a new mobile phone contract

By Aaron Potter | | 10092 |

FREE STUFF! Great, now that we have your attention we thought it worth re-emphasising how the search for a new smartphone is also one of the best times to capitalise on a free video games console. In this case, the PlayStation 4. However, this all depends on what smartphone you’re interested in getting as part of your next contract, so in this post we’ve rounded up all the best options.

Mobile Phones Direct PS4 Pro offer

The PS4 is one of the best-selling consoles in history, and with good reason; it has an incredible library of games, many of them exclusive, a huge community and excellent hardware infrastructure. There are two main models: the Slim, which has an RRP of £249 with a game, and the Pro, which can usually be found for £299 nowadays. And now, you can pick one up absolutely free with your next phone contact. We’ve given a breakdown of the deals below, however here’s a quick overview:

Mobile Phones Direct offer: PS4 Pro/ PS VR bundle with selected plans

Mobile Phones Direct have a fantastic reputation for delivering real value to their customers in the form of outstanding bundled incentives, and it’s no different when it comes to consoles. They’re offering a whole host of items with phones to compare at the moment, but from a PlayStation perspective, the most enticing are undoubtedly the PS4 Pro and the PSVR Mega Pack bundle.

Fonehouse offer: PS4 bundle with select Smartphones and iPhones

Of all the major free PS4 deals being offered by the big phone networks, Fonehouse seems to be taking the concept most seriously by gifting purchasers with a new FIFA 20-centric PS4 bundle when signing up for a new phone. The bundle in question is the 500GB PS4 Slim featuring EA’s major sports title and covers phone contracts relating to Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Sony Xperia smartphone options.

Going through Fonehouse also affords players the chance to compare and contrast phone contracts across a range of different networks – all while the PS4 bundle offer stays guaranteed. Current contract offers start from as low as £20 per month with no upfront fee, but you can increase or lessen the cost by tweaking your preferred repayment cost. Fonehouse are promising that this PS4 FIFA 20 offer will stay put for the time being, so if your contract is up soon it might be worth taking a look.

Free PS4 with new iPhone deals

Apple have continued to dominate the smartphone market for years on end, and this isn’t something that looks likely to change very soon. We’ll forgive the notion of the Animoji for the ability to run iOS 12, make use of a TrueDepth camera and enjoy an impressive 6.1-inch Liquid retina display. If we can enjoy all this along with a free PS4, then even better. Here are the current free PS4 iPhone offers available from the big three.

iPhone XR


Mobile Phones Direct have got an outstanding offer on their huge range of iPhones, which encompasses everything from the new iPhone 11 right through to older legacy models to suit smaller budgets. Buy from them and you’ll also net yourself a PS4 Pro, which are still selling for the best part of £299. Click here to view deals.

Mobile Phones Direct also have another PlayStation 4-related offer. If you already own a PS4, or you’re planning on picking up a PS5, then you might want to pick a bundle that comes with the PS VR Mega Pack bundle. Sony have already confirmed this model of PS VR will be compatible with the PS5, so you can enjoy immersive VR games with the new console as well as the PS4! Click here to view deals.

Fonehouse also stock a great range of the latest iPhones with a huge choice of contracts and providers. They’re offering these bundled with a PS4 Slim 500GB FIFA 20 bundle. Though having a lower RRP than the offers from Mobile Phones Direct, this is still a great option if you’re looking for a console with a game. Click here to view deals.

Free PS4 with new Samsung Galaxy deals

Samsung’s Galaxy series is many people’s preferred choice of Android smartphones, and the new S20 represents the best its ever been. Not only does it feature what’s known as an infinity display to keep images looking crystal clear, but it’s awesome new camera and curved edge design truly makes it a modern smartphone that stands out from the pack. All three of the major phone networks offer players the potential to grab one with a free PS4 gift, so let’s get into it.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Mobile Phones Direct have a great selection of Samsung Galaxy devices, including the S10, brand new S20 and S20+, plus the Galaxy A range which is more budget friendly. As with their iPhone offers, you can pick up either a PS4 Pro or a PSVR Mega Pack bundle with your new Samsung Galaxy. Click here to view deals.

Fonehouse also have some excellent deals available on Samsung Galaxy phones, again across a range that spans the latest and greatest right through to some more budget conscious phones. Click here to view deals.

Free PS4 with new Huawei phone deals

Huawei are a great choice for those looking for a high powered Android device without spending as much as they would on some other prominent brands. Luckily, Huawei also fall under both the deals available from Fonehouse and Mobile Phones Direct, with a great range of handsets, networks and contract plans available.

Click here to view Fonehouse Huawei deals bundled with a FIFA 20 PS4 Slim bundle.

Click here to view Mobile Phones Direct Huawei deals bundled with a PS4 Pro.

Click here to view Mobile Phones Direct Huawei deals bundled with a PSVR Mega Pack bundle.

Free PS4 with new Sony Xperia deals

Let’s say you want to pick up an Xperia Smartphone and PS4 combo; This especially makes sense when you consider that both products are mass produced by Sony, therefore boasting certain interconnectivity features such as remote play compatibility. Sony Xperia owners can play their PS4 remotely using their phone as a second screen. There are multiple places you can go to find a contract of this type, and below we’ve covered just a select few of them.

Sony Xperia L1

Vodafone Free PS4 Deals with Sony Xperia: Vodafone currently have a great pay monthly phone contract relating to the Sony Xperia L3. It comes packaged with the 500GB PlayStation 4 console, offers unlimited texts and call time. The contract even impresses on the data side of things with an unlimited cap, and for £29.00 per month over a 24-month period it’s a decent deal – you don’t even need to worry about an upfront cost.

EE Free PS4 Deals with Sony Xperia: EE offer the same Sony Xperia L3 and PS4 Pro 500GB package above for a slightly less monthly rate of £24.50 per month. Again, there’s currently no upfront cost, and you do still get unlimited minutes and texts. EE, however, does impose a data cap, but it’s an extremely generous 30GB.

O2 Free PS4 Pro Deals with Sony Xperia: There’s plenty of great offers from O2 to be had from Mobile Phones Direct on Sony Xperia handsets. Like with the rest of the deals from Mobile Phones Direct, these offers come with a PS4 Pro, rather than the standard PS4 Slim that comes with the Fonehouse deals, though you don’t get a game with the Pro.