Every confirmed PlayStation 5 launch game – the definitive list


Now that the PlayStation 5 has received its official release date – November 19th, 2020 here in the UK – Sony has finally revealed which games its been showing off will launch alongside the console on day one. Several first-party Triple-A releases have been used to showcase the so-called “power of PlayStation 5”, but now we know exactly which ones will be available for players to jump into right away.

Below is the definitive list of every confirmed PlayStation 5 launch game, meaning that every game listed below officially releases here in the UK on November 19th, 2020. And as you’ll soon see, Sony has done a fairly good job ensuring that there’s plenty of games primed to let PS5 players take their new next-gen console for a test spin after purchase. So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated RPGs of recent years, not least because its coming from the makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CDProjektRed. While not strictly a true PS5 launch game in that it’s actually a PS4 game being made playable via forwards compatibility, players who pick up a PlayStation 5 on launch day will still be able to forge their own path as either a Netrunner, Solo or Techie. Night City is a sprawling metropolis stacked with stories and areas to explore. You can do so on PlayStation 5 this launch day.

Demon’s Souls

FromSoftware’s original darkly delightful Action RPG is getting the full-blown remake treatment for PS5, being developed by BluePoint Games, the same team behind 2018’s excellent ground-up reinvention of Shadow of the Colossus. Most players missed out on Demon’s Souls the first time around due to its incredible difficulty on PS3. However, the upcoming PlayStation 5 version arriving at launch will bring with it all-new visuals, overhauled controls and more enhancements, all of which combine to make PS5’s Demon’s Souls look and feel like a contemporary release.


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

The Devil May Cry series showed other action games how it was done in 2019, with the long-awaited release of the fifth canonical entry. The initial version of Devil May Cry 5 impressed veteran fans and newcomers alike, but just in case you missed it Capcom is bringing it to PlayStation 5 on launch day via Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. It’s the same great stylish hack-and-slasher released on PS4 just a year ago, only now it features a slew of next-gen upgrades such as a faster framerate, added ray tracing and improved lighting. Plus, Vergil has now been made a playable character.


Destruction All Stars

If colourful yet destructive car combat is your thing, the PS5 has you covered on launch day with the release of the aptly named Destruction All Stars. It very much looks to be a healthy mix between Twisted Metal and Carmageddon, only if your vehicle gets destroyed you can hop out onto the field as your character and find a new one. Destruction All Stars also seems to be taking a few cues from the hero-shooter genre, letting players take hold of a charming cast of characters that each boast special abilities. Look out for it on PS5 launch day.



As if it were ever up for debate whether the world’s most popular online game would be coming to PlayStation 5, it was nice to know that at least Fortnite would be there on launch day. Nothing too much has changed in terms of graphical flair or technical fidelity; it’s very much the same game just now available on next-gen systems. No Twitch stream is safe because Fortnite is playable on PS5 this launch day.



An action RPG in style of Borderlands but with guns swapped for a suite of satisfying melee weapons, Godfall is a self-proclaimed “looter-slasher” and another great PlayStation 5 exclusive arriving on launch day. Godfall is a console exclusive on the PS5, meaning that it won’t be playable on Xbox Series S | X, where you play as one of the last of the Valorian knights who must hack their way through legions of enemies. Players will acquire better, more powerful loot the deeper they venture, building up their unique knight and taking the action online in three-player drop-in drop-out co-op.

Observer: System Redux

Observer originally launched on PlayStation 4 as a critical darling, casting you as a futuristic detective attempting to solve a murder. Developer Bloober Team has announced an enhanced and upgraded version developed specifically for the next generation dubbed “Observer: System Redux”. Featuring new missions, several significant gameplay changes and improved graphics, Observer: System Redux will be the definitive version of the dystopian modern classic available at launch on PS5.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Most famous for being the lead protagonist in Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an old-school 3D platformer releasing on PlayStation 5 this launch day. Unlike previous entries this isn’t primarily a game creator, but rather a fully authored adventure that sees Sackboy’s charming action switch from a 2.5D perspective to true 3D. It promises to be fun for all the family, full of locations to explore and puzzles to overcome – look forward to it on launch day.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales

PlayStation 5’s premiere launch title is arguably Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the standalone spin-off from 2018’s utterly Marvel-ous Spider-Man. The original game will be releasing in a next-gen format on PS5 as well, but Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an all-new story that takes place a year after the main game. Miles is equipped with electrical powers in addition to his main Spider-Man abilities, and the game looks to be taking full advantage of the PS5’s ray tracing capabilities. Don’t miss out on this great PlayStation exclusive on PS5 launch day.

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