How to combine Tesco Direct special offers

By Tom Stowe

Tesco are undoubtedly one of the best online retailers in the UK when it comes to getting outstanding deals on consoles, bundles and games. Did you know that, in many cases, you can actually combine their outstanding bundle deals to save even more?

Read on to find out how you can reap the rewards of combining deals at Tesco.

Step 1

Find the deal you want on Console Deals. There’s no better way to find the exact console or bundle you’re looking for than on Console Deals - we are constantly monitoring deals from across all the UK’s biggest retailers so that you don’t have to spend time trawling through numerous sites to find the best deal.

Step 2

Once you've located the Tesco deal you want click through to view the deal. For our example, we’ll be using this bundle:

deal listing

Step 3

When you land on the Tesco website, scroll down to the red “Bundle offers” section.

Tesco product page

It is these offers that can be combined to give you even better value. 

For this example, we’ll say we want to take advantage of both the “get Forza 7 and Halo 5 for free” and the “get a selected game for free” offers.

Step 4

Select the first offer and click "Add to Basket".

Step 5

With the first bundle added to your basket, now select "Continue shopping" to remain on the same page.

Add to basket Tesco pop-up

Step 6

Now open the tab for the second bundle.

Step 7

Here, you're best to right click on any items not already in your basket and select "open in a new tab" or equivalent for your browser. In this case, it means clicking on Far Cry 5.

bundle 2

The reason we don't simply click "add to basket" again is it will add another console (in this case the Xbox One 1TB PlayerUnknown's Battleground bundle).

Step 8

Navigate to the new tab and add the remaining elements of the bundle (in our example, Far Cry 5) to your basket. You should receive the bundle discount on all items, despite only having one console in your basket.

Step 9

Repeat for any more bundles - some consoles can have up to four separate bundles that will offer some really massive savings when combined together!

Step 10

Head to your basket and double check that all the bundles are working correctly and delivering the discount you expected. If done correctly, you should see each separate bundle listed on the right hand side of your basket in the summary section:

basket summary

Step 11

Checkout and enjoy your great deal!

If you get stuck please feel free to contact us.