Where to buy a white PS4 console in the UK

So you’re looking to upgrade your existing PS4 for a shiny new model. But why stick with the standard visual aesthetic when you could add a splash of personality by grabbing a special edition console? Of these, PS4 White consoles are by far the most common – which makes it easy to find one across a whole host of popular UK retailers.

When the PlayStation 4 originally launched worldwide in November of 2013, the only colour available was Jet Black. That all changed due to the arrival of a little game called Destiny, which gave us our first look at a White PS4 thanks to a marketing deal between Bungie (the game’s developer) and Sony. Since then, picking up a White PS4 Pro and White PS4 Slim has been relatively painless. But we’re still going to help you out by highlighting which UK retailers keep a large stock supply!

White PS4 Slim consoles

There are plenty of great bundles available to those wanting to pop a White PS4 Slim on their shelf. And with it being an incredibly attractive colour and design, we can hardly blame you. Whether you want to gun down zombies in Days Gone or take on robo dinosaurs in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Slim iteration always has your back with 500GB of storage. Despite this it always maintains an incredibly sleek design, one backed up by the accompanying White Dualshock 4 controller. Here are the best White PS4 Slim bundles:


White PS4 Slim Deals from Game – Game is the UK’s most popular physical games retailer and as such offer a swathe of different White PS4 Slim Deals. You can pick one up standalone or as part of a bundle. There are far more White PS4 Slim bundles than there are PS4 Pro ones, as a general rule.

White PS4 Slim Deals from Argos – Argos aren’t the best for White PS4 Slim bundles, but they still keep decent stock of them as standalone consoles. Below we’ll list the current best price they have for the White PS4 Slim on its own. Argos have regular seasonal offers throughout the year, so it’s worth checking in to see the cost drops to your preferred price point.

White PS4 Slim Deals from Currys – Currys/PC World never disappoint with the number of White PS4 Slim bundles that have available. Most come packaged with a top-tier first-party exclusive like God of War and Days Gone, letting you jump into the best PS4 expriences right from the off at a widlly reduced price.

White PS4 Pro consoles

The standard White PS4 Pro features a whopping 1TB of storage space, doubling that found with the PS4 Slim and still maintaining the incredibly trim look and feel. Multiple retailers always have a great deal of White PS4 Pro bundles listed, being perfect for anyone wanting to swing through New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man or do battle against gods in 2018’s God of War reboot. Below you’ll find a regularly updated list of White PS4 Pro bundles to keep you ahead of the game:


White PS4 Pro Deals from Game – Game always keep lively stock of the White PS4 Pro, letting dedicated PS4 players experience the joys of 4K gaming usually at an affordable price. Bundles are scarcer, however, than they are with the White PS4 Slim models, but that doesn’t mean the occasionally one won’t crop up.

White PS4 Pro Deals from Argos – Argos is a great choice for anyone wanting a great White PS4 Pro deal on finance. Simply sign up for an Argos Card and you can offset the cost, spreading it over a period of at least 6 months. Outside of this, Argos only offer White PS4 Pros as standalone – forming bundles separately outside of the box.

White PS4 Pro Deals from Currys – Despite being one the cheapest retailers of PS4 consoles, at the time of writing this guide, there are no deals available for a white PS4 Pro from Currys PC World. We will keep a close eye on this and be sure to update this guide as and when PS4 Pro consoles in white become available to buy from Currys.


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