The best PS5 exclusive games 2021


Sure, it may have only been on the market for 8 months, but already the PlayStation 5 has proven itself well-equipped to push the idea of play further than before. Playing PS5 using the DualSense controller is a vastly superior experience than gaming on PS4. However, all this excitement and brilliance would mean nothing were it not for the games, and already there are a small selection of PS5 exclusive games that play and look great, making Sony’s next-gen console worth a purchase.

The following is a list of the best PS5 exclusive games released so far, as well as those titles we’re excited to play later on this year and potentially into the next. On no other console will you be able to play and enjoy these PS5 exclusive games, as all have been developed specifically for the console. Next-gen features like super-fast loading, haptic feedback and 4K HDR have fully been taken advantage of, all in the hopes of ushering PS5 players into the next generation of gaming. Let’s take a look…

1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The iconic PlayStation duo’s latest intergalactic adventure is the PS5 exclusive to play for anyone wanting to showcase the power of their next-gen console. Harnessing the PlayStation 5 console’s super-fast SSD to instantly load in and transport the pair to new areas, Ratchet &Clank: Rift Apart is a game developed with the PS5 in mind. It’s the same satisfying mix of Ratchet & Clank hilarity long-time fans love, only now with a much faster pace and even more astonishing visuals.

Ratchet & Clank is a series known for its eclectic and creative selection of weapons. Rift Apart harnesses the haptic feedback potential of the DualSense controller to give all of them a different function and feel. It’ll rumble and click to all-new levels depending on what gun you use, with most having alternate fire functions depending on how far down you hold R2. None of this is possible on any other console platform, hence why Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a must-play PS5 exclusive game.


2. Demon’s Souls

After previously wowing players with its ground-up remake of Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4, the team over at BluePoint Games then set their sights on another Japanese cult classic. The Demon’s Souls remake for PlayStation 5 authentically translates and updates From Software’s original for a new generation of players, overhauling the visuals and gameplay while streamlining load times to mere seconds. Suddenly, it’s no longer irksome to die and be sent back to the beginning of a level.

You can choose to play the Demon’s Souls remake in either 4K/30fps visuals or at a silky smooth 60 fps in 1440p resolution. Both modes do well to present the darkly gothic world of Boletaria more vividly than ever before, giving those familiar with the game a reason to return in addition to enticing over new players on PS5. Demon’s Souls might be punishingly difficult, but over ten years on from the PS3 original, this is a PS5 exclusive game primed to delight and intrigue any brave soul.


3. Returnal

Developed from the same team behind Dead Nation and PS4 launch exclusive Resogun, Returnal takes everything Housemarque learned from the twin-stick shooter genre and blends this bullet hell action with horror elements and a new third-person perspective. The result is a challenging roguelike that will test your ability to survive and keep moving, all as a near infinite amount of alien enemies try to take you down. Being a PS5 exclusive game it looks and plays beautifully, instantly getting you back into the action thanks to fast level loading and an addictive gameplay loop.

Returnal is primarily the story of Selene, a middle-aged space cadet who finds herself trapped within a loop on a barren planet. Breaking the cycle involves powering herself up using hidden-away upgrades and learning the attack patterns of foes. Every weapon features a unique haptic sensation on the PS5’s Dualsense controller, complete with second firing functions that helps you stay ahead of enemies. PS5 exclusive games don’t get more challenging or thought-provoking than in this hard Sci-Fi tale.


4. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

While technically also available on PS4, only on PS5 can players experience all the improved features and enhancements of that the Intergrade version of Final Fantasy VII remake introduces. Included in this is the new Yuffie DLC, which runs parallel alongside the events of the main campaign. That’s why we’ve deemed it worthy of a place on our list of best PS5 exclusive games. The good news is that the main Final Fantasy VII campaign looks and plays just as beautifully as ever, presenting the first part of Cloud’s story through a modernised perspective while retaining the essence of the PS One original.

Only on PS5, however, can players experience the story of fan-favourite character Yuffie, re-exploring familiar areas in a way that has more meaning and lends extra texture to the mainline story being told. Final Fantasy VII remake Intergrade also takes full advantage of the PS5 console’s extra oomph, letting players run through Midgar in either a 4K “graphics” mode or 60 fps “performance” mode. This is a PS5 exclusive game designed to envelop and immerse you – now with added content exclusive to Intergrade.


5. Godfall

Easily winning the award for the shiniest game on PS5, Godfall is a self-proclaimed “looter-slasher” that allows teams of three to wade through legions of enemies in the effort to track down better loot and gear. You do so as a range of different titan-like classes each with their own unique weapons and attack types. Godfall’s combat is strictly limited to melee weapons, meaning you’ll have to think tactically about how to approach enemies

The game supports seamless three-player online co-op, though you can be alone, and you’ll need the extra help if you wish to tackle the endgame quests and bosses. Only by investing in your favourite classes and upgrading them fully can you hope to stand a chance. Whether you prefer fighting with a two-handed Warhammer, dual blades or a traditional longsword, Godfall is a fun third-person actioner with friends set in a unique high fantasy setting. You can also pick it up rather cheaply for a PS5 exclusive game.


6. Destruction All Stars

Originally intended as a PS5 launch title, Destruction All Stars was eventually delayed before being made a PlayStation Plus freebie back in February 2021. Despite these handful of drawbacks, however, the resulting car combat game can be a lot of fun. Your ultimate goal is to deal the most damage to rival vehicles in the hopes of destroying the most. It’s an online multiplayer PS5 exclusive game with a lot of personality and style, encouraging you to try out all the different All Stars while harnessing the unique function touted by each’s vehicle.

Gameplay in Destruction All Stars has a lot of crunch to it, especially as you ram vehicles on the side or from behind. The PS5 DualSense controller also does a lot of work whenever your character must pounce out of one car and hop straight into the other. Combine such sensations with how it fails to blaze a trail of fire or render yourself invisible, and this is a car combat game that handles and plays great on PS5. Rev up your engine and dominate online!


PS5 Exclusive Games Coming Soon:


Deathloop is an upcoming true PS5 exclusive game from the makers of Prey and Dishonored. Different this time around, however, is the fact that protagonist Colt has found himself within an infinite time loop, a situation he can only escape my taking down eight different targets. How you go about doing this will be entirely up to you. Will you go in all guns blazing and hope you make it out alive? Alternatively, you can strategically deploy supernatural abilities like Karnesis, Aether and Shift to catch your targets off guard.

This wacky slate of powers is an element only made possible by the power of PlayStation 5. Plus, having a mixture of traditional firearms with such unique moves makes for a first-person action game set to play unlike many others. Arkane Studios is a developer known for defying genre expectations and Deathloop seems to be no different. We’ll find out where it ranks on our list of PS5 exclusive games soon after it releases on September 14th, 2021.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits

One of the best-looking PS5 exclusive games is also one of the earliest we ever knew of. Kena: Bridge of Spirits has you embark on a charming adventure where you play as the titular Kena, a spirit guide traversing an ancient land in the hopes of finding a sacred mountain shrine. Getting at the heart of this mystery involves uncovering and exploring a forgotten village, one that is rendered beautifully on PS5 using deep HDR implementation and carefully balanced light and shadow.

Combat will play just as an important role in Kena: Bridge of Spirits as exploration. You’ll be forced to take down corrupted spirits threatening the area’s tranquillity, and only by using weapons and approaching these combat scenarios wisely can you hope to come out on top. Whether by shooting light arrows or beating up on bosses with your staff, this PS5 exclusive game always looks beautiful in motion -especially since it’s expected to play in 4K at 60fps simultaneously.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Set in a dystopian version of Tokyo that’s been overrun by supernatural forces, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a PS5 exclusive game that casts you as a wanderer able to wield psychic powers. Using these you’ll be tasked with staving off the paranormal threats inhabiting Tokyo, enjoying the next-gen graphical fidelity only possible on PS5 while indulging in the game’s “karate meets magic” combat system. Ghostwire: Tokyo is the first game from tango Gameworks since the two Evil Within games, so you know you’re in for an odd scare.

This spooky action thriller delivers a first-person experience that’s free of any guns, giving it a distinct flavour compared to most other PS5 games with a similar perspective. It’s your job in Ghostwire: Tokyo to cleans the corrupted energy from the sacred shines littered throughout the city, gradually freeing Tokyo from the unwelcome visitors by channeling your character’s unique techniques and hand movements. It’s one of the most promising PS5 exclusive games set to release in the near future.

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