The Best PC Gaming Monitors


PC gaming differs greatly from the console experience, largely because you suddenly have greater control over the various components which directly influence your level of enjoyment. Whereas those playing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 may not feel the need to swap out their display in order to play, for example, opting for a specific gaming monitor can help realise the graphical fidelity your gaming laptop or PC is capable of. Why not effectively harness this horsepower?

Thankfully, we at Console Deals are here to make your PC gaming venture as smooth as possible, pulling in the best prices for some of the most popular gaming monitors you can buy. Not only that, but below we’ve rounded some of them up and categorised each by what they do best at. Whether you’re a PC-playing newbie seeking the cheapest monitor or a veteran that prefers Ultra-Wide play, here’s our pick of the very best gaming monitors.

1. Acer Predator X34P UWQHD 34"

Asus Predator X34P gaming monitor

Best gaming monitor with an Ultra-Wide Curved screen

Curved monitors are often sought after by PC players for the much wider field of view they offer in comparison to traditional flat screens. They also work better to immerse you in whatever world is being rendered on screen, successfully surrounding you in a manner that’s far superior. Acer’s Predator X34P beautifully showcases these benefits, featuring and Ultra-Wide display and Ultra HD visuals that results in a premium PC gaming experience. Finding the sweet spot for a large display can be challenging, but not for this gaming that represents Acer’s best.

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2. Asus ZenScreen Full HD 15.6"

Asus ZenScreen gaming monitor

Best gaming monitor for portable play

It’s not quite the Nintendo Switch, but believe it or not it is possible to play games on your PC while on the go. This gorgeous Full HD display, named the ZenScreen, by Asus seamlessly connects to your PC or laptop via USB-C to deliver crisp and vibrant visuals wherever you are. It comes with a case and kickstand so it’s always convenient to set up, adjusting to either landscape or portrait mode depending on how you place it. This is a 15.6” screen that never feels cumbersome to bring with you yet is big enough to keep the game being played in full view.

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3. SAMSUNG 4K Ultra HD 28" LED Monitor

SAMSUNG 4K Ultra HD monitor

Best gaming monitor for 4K visuals

What if you’re a PC player who places visuals over anything else, even performance? Well, it’s good news for you that Samsung’s Ultra HD 28" LED Monitor delivered exceptional results in both regards, rendering the latest games in eye-widening 4K clarity. This gaming monitor has been specifically developed to remove risk of lag too, ensuring that competitive games like Call of Duty and Battlefield never succumb to screen tearing. Not only will you enjoy gorgeous 4K visuals, but a smooth frame rate as well.

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4. Lenovo L22e-20 65DEKAC1UK Full HD Monitor, 21.5"

Lenovo L22e-20 monitor

Best gaming monitor with a thin bezel

A bezel, for those unaware, refers to the width of border surrounding your screen. It’s obviously needed to hold that precious gateway to gaming in place, but some gaming monitors feature reduced bezels to help further engross you into the action taking place. Lenovo’s L22e-20 65DEKAC1UK Full HD Monitor is the exemplar here, boasting one of the most miniscule-sized bezels you can find out from a decent PC monitor. As such, this monitor is ideal for a dual display setup.

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5. Lenovo LI2215s Full HD 21.5" 60Hz Monitor

Lenovo LI2215s monitor

Best gaming monitor for affordability

Sticking with the Lenovo brand and its LI2215s Full HD 21.5" 60Hz monitor should also satisfy any players looking for an affordable gaming monitor that also packs a punch. This can typically be bagged for under £100, letting you invest funds elsewhere into other aspects of your PC gaming setup. Its Full HD LED screen assures you still get to experience some of the sharpest visuals possible, whether as your main PC monitor or a much-appreciated second screen.

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6. Asus ROG Swift WQHD 34" 60Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Asus ROG Swift monitor

Best gaming monitor for lag-free play

The Asus ROG Swift WQHD 34" 60Hz Curved display represents the cream of the crop as far as great gaming monitors are concerned. It boasts a fast, five-millisecond response time for smooth visuals along with a stunning WQHD screen that offers an incredibly sharp picture with superb detail. However, it’s standout feature (and the reason it’s on this list), is its ability to reduce lag to the absolute minimum. This ties into the impressively fast response time as alluded to earlier, which ensures that there’ll never be a delay the next time you go in for the last kill in, say, Call of Duty.

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