The 10 Best Gaming Chairs

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If your sofa or beanbag isn’t quite cutting it during those extended game sessions that carry on into the early hours of the morning, it’s likely that a gaming chair will improve your experience tenfold. Most come designed with use across multiple consoles in mind, and almost always connect wirelessly for a seamless set-up. Here we’ll run through the 10 best gaming chairs currently out there, covering a wide swathe of styles available across a range of popular retailers.

1. Playseat Evolution

Playseat Evolution gaming chair

Best affordable gaming chair for racing games

Looking for an appropriate way to look and feel like you’re driving as fast as possible at an affordable price? The Playseat Evolution gaming chair is the perfect solution, costing roughly just £250 for a feature-complete chair that is primed to mimic players who like putting pedal to the medal in games like Forza and Grab Turismo. It’s made of high-quality leather made to look like black vinyl, also featuring a convincing metal pedal set that always remains stable during acceleration. The Playseat Evolution gaming chair is also foldable to keep your gaming setup neat and tidy.

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2. Playseat Sensation Pro

playseat sensation gaming chair

Best high-end gaming chair for racing games

Available in either Black or Metallic, Playseat’s Sensation Pro gaming chair is suitable for use with all three major consoles and is considered to be a premium chair for those that delight in driving games. What makes the Sensation Pro expertly geared towards offering gearheads an authentic racing solution is its premium construction and ergonomic design, such as the alcantara upholstered seat that replicates the act of driving a real race car. Despite its intricate makeup the chair is lightweight and easily adjustable to all heights of person.

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3. X Rocker Chimera

X rocker Chimera gaming chair

Best rocking gaming chair

Rocking gaming chairs are a popular choice for players who prefer to kick back and relax when settling in for an extended gaming session. As their name suggests, rather than seating you in an upright position, rocking gaming chairs instead offers up a “lean-back” experience, where players can chill stylishly and elegantly on the floor. X Rocker’s Chimera is one of the best examples of this design you can find, being an affordable but effective solution for young gamers that works with any of the major three consoles.

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4. X Rocker XL Delta Pro

X rocker Delta Pro gaming chair

Best gaming chair for comfortable back support

The X Rocker XL Delta Pro gaming chair features proper headrest and lumbar cushions to deliver excellent levels of comfort. Its height is fully adjustable which allows it to accommodate all types of gamer, and the faux leather design gives it a quality feel despite being relatively affordable compared to some higher-end gaming chairs. Regardless, this Delta Pro is the best choice for any player worried about no-t having proper back support – especially in preparation for the next gaming marathon.

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5. X Rocker Stealth

X Rocker Stealth gaming chair

Best gaming chair for adequate arm support

If you’re looking to keep your arms comfortable and well-rested when playing for an extended length of time, X Rocker has delivered in spades again with their X Rocker Stealth gaming chair. This chair’s armrest design is noticeably more raised and arched than most others on the market, ensuring that the player’s arm is able to rest more naturally when holding a gamepad in hand. These are also padded with faux leather for even further guaranteed coziness.

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6. X Rocker Wireless Deluxe

X Rocker Wireless Deluxe gaming chair

Best gaming chair for elegant style

A lot of gaming chairs can look a little, shall we say, much? Most simply assume that players are addicted to black leather, lacing the edge with minimalist colour combinations. X Rocker’s Wireless Deluxe gaming chair in grey is the stark opposite, by comparison, made using a luxurious chenille material that provides the ultimate comfort and style. You’ll truly be able to immerse yourself in the gaming action taking place on the screen before you – especially when combined with the 4.1 stereo surround sound that’s built in.

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7. X Rocker Hydra 2.0

X rocker Hydra gaming chair

Best affordable rocking gaming chair

Rocking gaming chairs are generally a lot more affordable than other types, but X Rocker’s Hydra design takes this a step further by elegantly balancing quality and affordability in a range of colours: Red, Green and Blue. Each one boasts a dove grey accent finish, engineered using a material that is easily wiped clean. The Hydra rests on the floor like other rocking gaming chairs, connecting wirelessly to every major console platform.

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8. Playseat L33T

Playseat L33T gaming chair

Best Xbox One gaming chair

Have an Xbox One and want to ensure yourself a premium gaming chair experience? The Playseat L33T is an ideal choice, specifically designed to accommodate 360-degree movement and comfort with full swivel capabilities. A lightweight metal frame pairs with a super comfortable foam design, which helps keep gamers relaxed the next time they plan on jumping into Gears of War, Halo or Forza for an extended play session.

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9. X Rocker Infiniti

X Rocker Infiniti gaming chair

Best PlayStation 4 gaming chair

Officially licensed by Sony, the X Rocker Infiniti gaming chair has been developer with the PlayStation 4 in mind. This makes it an ideal choice for those wanting a great PS4 gaming chair, which takes full advantage of the console’s quirks. The Infiniti easily connects to the PS4 wirelessly, for example, featuring a built-in sub-woofer that lets you feel maximum levels of audio impact alongside the comfort that comes with the stylish faux-leather material it’s made from. With the Dualshock 4’s trademark button symbols etched onto the front and coloured classic Blue, the Infiniti is the perfect gaming chair pairing for PS4.

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10. X Rocker Viper 2.1

X Rocker Viper gaming chair

Best Nintendo Switch gaming chair

With the Nintendo Switch being a portable as well as home console, the truth is that any of the gaming chairs we at Console Deals compare would do a great job. If we had to pick a specific one, however, it’d be X Rocker’s Viper 2.1, which features a fully adjustable design complete with comfy head and armrests engineered using faux leather. Its perfect for cozying up with Switch in hand or docked and on the big screen. It also won’t break the bank, considering that the Nintendo Switch is currently the most expensive out of the three consoles.

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Bonus round: Secretlab Titan gaming chair

Secretlab Titan series gaming chair

Best premium bespoke gaming chair

Whereas every other gaming chair on this list comes predefined in its material, shape and colour, Secretlab is a gaming chair manufacturer renowned for making a solution specific to your tastes. This won’t be for your average player (hence including it as an honourable mention) but will suit devout gaming enthusiasts looking for something special. There are three different chair types unique to Secretlab, but the Titan is the best all-rounder and lets you choose the fabric type, design pattern and more. Take a look and see if there’s something best suited for you!

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