Best Ebay Black Friday 2019 gaming deals

By Aaron Potter | | 417 |

Having made a name for itself as the online auction house of choice, did you also know that eBay is used by various UK retailers to sell through excess and surplus stock cheaply? It’s true, and for a long time now has been a go-to hub of choice for purchasers looking to save big when the Black Friday sales arrive. The likes of ShopTo, Currys PC World and even Argos will all use eBay during Black Friday 2019 in addition to their own online set-ups, so we thought we’d break down how it works.

Finding the best eBay Black Friday Deals for 2019

While there will most certainly be plenty of good Black Friday offers from retailers on the actual day, eBay itself operates a little differently. You see, rather than outright compete with the various limited-time deals being offered elsewhere, eBay opts to roll out their biggest offers the week after. As with every other eBay sale this’ll come in the form of a code, which when entered at checkout will substantially slash the price of any console bundle in your basket – providing they’re included in the offer, of which many will. In the past, we’ve seen Ebay’s big codes around Black Friday through to just after Christmas are often site-wide, meaning that they include offers from the likes of Currys and Argos.

Throughout most of the year, eBay’s offer codes typically gives customers the chance to get 10% off. However, the week following Black Friday 2019 you should expect discounts that are a lot deeper than those featured during Black Friday proper, being eBay’s primary way of competing. You will need to do your research into the specific retailers that will be competing in the deal period, though, otherwise the offer code won’t work when the time comes to enter it at checkout.

eBay has already stated that there’ll be big things in store for gamers should they visit eBay over the course of Black Friday 2019 and beyond. Console bundles and games relating to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One will all be up for grabs at a great price for November 29th onwards, being the smartest way to upgrade to a new console or simply purchase one outright for the first time ahead of the Christmas period. eBay will be celebrating Black Friday 2019 in style with an enormous selection.

Ebay Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals & bundles

Despite only being on the market for three years, people are still enjoying the beauty that is Nintendo’s hybrid console. A lot of this is down to the ability to dock your Switch and play it on the big screen as well as in handheld mode, at least with the original model, but you’d typically need to pay in the region of £279 for the privilege. Enter eBay’s 2019 Black Friday activities, which will see Nintendo Switch console bundles fall to under £250 – and that’s with a first-party game, like Zelda or Mario, automatically included.

Those wanting to pay less for a Nintendo Switch console already have an option in the Nintendo Switch Lite. Released earlier this year, it’s a sleeker, cheaper and much trimmer rendition of the concept, with the only real difference being that it can only be played in handheld mode. This results in a £80 saving than if you were to pick up the original Nintendo Switch launch model. But, during Black Friday 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite will dip even lower over on eBay from the £199.99 to quite a way less. It’s already been sold for £179.99 on eBay with a great game included, Black Friday 2019 will do this again, if not even lower.

Ebay PS4 Black Friday deals & bundles

Whether you’re looking to pick up a 500GB PS4 Slim or 1TB PS4 Pro from eBay over Black Friday, you can expect both to be deeply discounted. The standard price of a typical PS4 Slim bundle, for those unaware, sits around the £250 mark, with some of the most recent example of games included being FIFA 20 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Either of these would cost you £49.99 on day one on their own, bringing the overall price of the Slim itself down to a more than reasonable £199.99. However things will get better if eBay’s Black Friday 2019 offer code reaches say, 20%, that could see you save up to £50 on select PS4 Slim bundles. It’s well worth staying tuned.

The same can be said for the PS4 Slim’s souped-up alternative, the PS4 Pro, which offers prospective players the ability to play their games at a smooth 60fps, in improved HDR, and as close to true 4K resolution as possible. eBay’s limited-time Black Friday 2019 offer code will most definitely apply to a range of PS4 Pro console bundles, reducing the typical £350 RRP to quite a ways under that. Its been confirmed that PlayStation 5 will be launching in Holiday 2020, meaning that this year’s Black Friday event will be eBay (and everyone else’s) last chance to move as many PS4 Pros as possible.

Ebay Xbox One Black Friday deals & bundles

The Xbox One family of consoles is far and away the lowest priced way to get in on the current console generation, with the Xbox One S typically retailing for around £179.99. However, as with what’s happening with PS4, the arrival of the next Xbox console will likely see Microsoft drop the price of the S to a criminally low degree, meaning that eBay’s upcoming Black Friday 2019 offer code sale could see you pick one up for around £130 or £140? It’s also worth bearing in mind that this will likely be a bundle that includes a high-budget game too, so you can get an Xbox One S bundle with the likes of Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4 for one steal of a price. The One S-All Digital has already been less than £180 this year, and we predict that in conjunction with an Ebay code, it could drop to less than £110, which is an absolutely phenomenal price.

Similarly, the Xbox One X or “the world’s most powerful console” as Microsoft likes to sell it will also be coming under the eBay Black Friday activities. This is a home console capable of outputting graphics in 4K quality, at a smooth framerate with improved HDR. Modern games simply don’t look any better than on an Xbox One X, so it should be music to your ears to learn that it’s standard £450 price point will be slashed significantly. Providing you can wait until the week after, eBay likely has some big plans in store for the Xbox One X.