The 10 best 2 player PS4 games

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Love playing PS4 and are just aching to do so with a friend? We can’t say we blame you. The PlayStation 4 is the most popular console this generation with graphics so great and experiences so rich that it’s worth seeking out what the best 2 player PS4 games are exactly. Whether you’re in the mood for cell-shaded loot shooting or have always wanted to run your own comedic kitchen, here are the 10 best games on PS4 that let you go at it as a pair.

1. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands 2

Taking the definitive versions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel from the last console generation and bundling them into one neat remastered package, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is astoundingly good value and a blast to shoot through with up to three friends. Both games let you run havoc within the mayhem-filled planet of Pandora, casting you as an intergalactic vault hunter capable of looting hundreds of randomly generated gun combinations.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection represents one of the best 2 player PS4 games out there because you can play it either side-by-side on the sofa or online via PSN. Both games immerse you within a beautiful cell-shaded world, where every mission you play with friends makes you feel like you’re flicking through the pages of a real-life comic book. The franchise’s villain Handsome Jack will taunt you to no end throughout both story campaigns, giving you all the motivation you need to take him down.

2. A Way Out

A Way Out PS4 co-op gameplay

By far one of the most unique 2 player PS4 games to make this list, A Way Out is an action-adventure like no other in that it places huge emphasis on split-screen co-op – to the point that it’s the only way it can be played. A throwback to 1970s crime cinema, the game casts you and a friend as Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso. Both characters are two hard-bitten criminals who have suddenly found themselves in jail, thus needing to find a way out in order to seek redemption.

While A Way Out does indeed kick-off in a rather bombastic prison break opening sequence, the intertwining stories of these two characters continue you on for a 6-8-hour journey with a fair share of twists and turns. From shooting sequences that see you and a biddy take down a drug lord’s home to quitter moments like fishing and boat rides, A Way Out feels most like a playable season of your favourite crime TV show.

3. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo 3 ps4

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III is quite rightly considered by many to be the magnum opus of dungeon-crawling games. You and up to three friends can make a personalised character out of a decent number of classes, taking the fight to the devil himself in glorious top-down fashion. No dungeon crawler is complete without its fair share of loot, and that’s exactly what keeps players coming back for more in Diablo III. Everything you pick up and equip while playing makes your character a stronger, more formidable warrior.

The Ultimate Evil Edition is the only one available on PS4, and this is a good thing considering that it bundles the original Diablo III characters and campaign with the new Reaper of Souls expansion. The result is a feature-complete package that’ll have you and friends busy for potentially hundreds of hours, especially considering the post-campaign adventure mode which ensures the slashing and loot never need come to an end.

4. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 cinematic screenshot

While it might seem obvious to those that pick it up every year, the annual FIFA release is a worthwhile grab for any group of friends wanting to relax and play a couple of matches as their favourite football team. FIFA 19 is no exception to this rule, featuring a full licenced line-up of teams ranging all the way from the Premiership to League 2 and even beyond.

The physics in FIFA 19 are some of the best the series has ever seen, and a large part of this is down to the new “Active Touch System”. This is what makes for improved control over the ball, having players press the shoot button for a second time to better determine when it will actually be kicked to make scoring goals all the more satisfying. Features like this, along with the souped-up graphics on PS4, results in FIFA 19 being one of the best competitive 2 player games to get absorbed in.

5. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Giant Stan

It was always inevitable that a LEGO game would end up on this list. While we indeed had many to choose from, few offer as much freedom and fun as the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game released in 2013. It makes full use of the split-screen co-op action you’ve come to expect from TT Games’ beloved franchise and includes over 180 playable characters from Marvel comics – most of them untainted by their cinematic versions from the MCU. The X-Men are here, so is the Fantastic Four… along with plenty other of obscure characters.

It won’t take long for players to realise that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of the best 2 player PS4 games, if only for the amount of fun both kids and kids at heart will have. Flying around a LEGO New York City as Iron Man, Spiderman and others on the mission to stop Doctor Doom from destroying the planet is pure, brick-based joy.

6. Overcooked!

Overcooked! PS4 gameplay

They say when it’s too hot you need to get out of the kitchen, and no recent game highlights this more so than Overcooked! It’s a game entirely built around co-op where players have to manage and cook orders in a kitchen, tossing and passing around ingredients at rapid pace in order to get as many as possible out of the door. This so often results in culinary chaos as you might expect. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself yelling at friends instead of praising them.

Much of the fun found in Overcooked! comes from the ridiculousness of the various locations you find yourself in. There’s everything from floating hot air balloons to the end of all kitchens itself. The entire conceit for your friendship group needing to keep cooking is to appease a giant onion overlord with a hunger that just can’t be satisfied. Overcooked! always guarantees you and a buddy a good time, providing you can keep a cool head.

7. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 screenshot

The Far Cry series has made a name for itself as being an excuse for players to go an what is perhaps best described as a chaotic holiday. Every game since Far Cry 3 centres around you and a buddy taking down a maniacal dictator that is holding a local community at ransom, being a good enough excuse for you to shoot, parachute and infiltrate against legions of faceless enemies. Far Cry 5 marked a noted change in this formula thanks to being set in the USA, but the 2 player fun remains intact.

Joseph Seed is the name of the big bad in this Southern-set sequel, and you and a buddy will need to liberate three specific regions in true gung-ho fashion in the effort to rid the town of this cult. Then when you’ve experienced all that Far Cry 5 has to offer, you and a friend can always dive into the recently released standalone sequel, Far Cry New Dawn, for post-apocalyptic shooting action.

8. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Side-scrolling platformers are a dime a dozen these days, making it even more unbelievable that we got two great ones centred around Rayman. Rayman Legends is the second of these two colourful gems, whereby multiple players can jump in and roll through various imaginative stages all beautifully rendered in a fantastic 2D art style – it looks like it was pulled right out of a Saturday morning kids’ TV show.

Some stages require you to jump, smash and move to the beat of the music, letting you and up to three others get into the rhythm of conquering Rayman’s many enemies. Rayman Legends and its predecessor Rayman Origins is arguably the smoothest, most sublime 2D platformer you can play that isn’t on a Nintendo console. At the completion of each level you’ll receive a rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold, so be prepared to replay Rayman Legends’ stages if you want the best score.

9. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands PS4

Wildlands represents a notable shift for the Ghost Recon series in that it’s a lot more open than previous entries. Set in Bolivia, the game represents an anarchic playground in which you and a tactical squad of “Ghosts” work together to take down a Mexican drug cartel. Players can do so in either a first-person or third-person view, completing missions together to slowly but surely liberate each region of the terrain.

Ubisoft Paris was the game’s developer, and despite being released two years ago in March 2017 they’ve done a good job rolling out new modes, maps and limited time content to make Ghost Recon Wildlands a vibrant military shooter for players to enjoy. There are several types of side missions designed from the ground up to suit 2 player cooperative play, rewarding those who approach scenarios creatively.

10. Minecraft

Minecraft PS4 world

There are two types of player on this planet: those who have played Minecraft, and those who simply haven’t got around to picking up that pixelated pickaxe yet. It’s the creative sandbox that continues to evolve and adapt, letting people’s imagination run wild by letting them be free to build anything – from gothic castles to futuristic star ships. Now imagine doing that but with a friend by your side.

There’s been an onslaught of skin and level packs released for Minecraft in the years since its initial release. Mario, Master Chief and other iconic characters can all take part in whatever adventure you set yourself on (though not always on the same server). Minecraft isn’t just a game, but an entire creative platform. One made even better when working together to create something you and your friends can be proud of.

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