Amazon Prime Day 2021: What to expect from this year’s biggest online sales event

Any good bargain hunter knows that Amazon Prime Day is one of the best opportunities to enjoy great savings. A sales event where deals are tailored to Prime members, it’s here where departments like White Goods, Toys, Technology and more all have their prices significantly slashed. This begs the question of what Amazon Prime Day 2021 has in store for the world of video games. You can certainly bet there will be significant discounts relating to all major platforms, and we at Console Deals have compiled this quick guide to help run you through the basics.

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day suffered a significantly delay for obvious reasons, but with supply chains now opening back up and the online retailer coming back to full strength, but 2021’s edition is scheduled to proceed as planned. We’ll, of course, be around on the day itself to keep you up to date with all the best video game deals. Until that time comes, however, here we’ve gathered all the key information surrounding Amazon Prime Day 2021. Read on to prepare accordingly…

When will Amazon Prime Day 2021 take place?

This is perhaps the most important question most people want to know, and the answer is: 21st June. This falls directly in line with the Summer slot we've come to expect in years past, indicating that normality has been somewhat restored following the October date from last year. Of course, although it's known as Prime "day", you can expect to see offers leading both up and out of the day itself. The official note, however, is that Amazon Prime Day 2021 will begin at 12am BST on Monday, June 21, and end at 11:59pm BST Tuesday, June 22. That’s when the most enticing Prime Day 2021 deals will be available.

Nintendo deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Rumours continue to swirl that Nintendo plan on releasing a new, upgraded version of the Switch towards the end of this year. That being said, both the Lite and existing console models are selling so well currently, there’s not really an incentive for Nintendo to slash its outright price. Instead, expect to see some enticing Nintendo Switch console bundles that represent better value than what we’d usually see. The Switch console itself might not budge far from its £279.99 RRP, if at all, but there’s sure to be some great exclusives packaged in with it for a good price.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will always see Nintendo software substantially reduced, though. This is particularly the case from third-party titles, where they’re not bound by the House of Mario to staunchly stick to the £39.99 day one fee. Publishers like Ubisoft, EA and Activision will all discount the price of their popular Nintendo Switch titles. Last year’s Prime Day, meanwhile, saw some good deals on Nintendo Switch Online membership, so expect to see similar deals again.

PlayStation deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Despite releasing a brand new next-gen console in November of last year, Sony has refused to discount the price of the now relatively obsolete PlayStation 4. This is purely because PS5 stock is being throttled so much worldwide, players stuck at home continue to settle for the PS4. However, hopefully by June/July time PS5 stock will have somewhat met demand, encouraging Sony to drop the price of PS4 bundles when Amazon Prime Day 2021 rolls around.

Who knows whether Amazon will reserve PS5 stock in time for this year’s Prime Day. One thing we do know, however, is that several Triple-A games on PS4 and PS5 should see a sizeable price drop. PlayStation games that aren’t even out yet, like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal will most certainly be cheaper during the Summer, not to mention several PS4 classics. Also, if you want to top up on your annual PlayStation Plus membership, Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be a good opportunity.

Xbox deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Xbox have made it easier than ever to buy a brand-new console at the start of the next generation. The Xbox Series S has an RRP of just £249, meaning we won’t likely see it dip any lower during Amazon Prime Day 2021. The same is likely to go for the Xbox Series X, though both next-gen consoles are sure to see some enticing bundles if stock starts to level out. Of course, the more than serviceable Xbox One S is still actively being produced, at least for now, and last year you could grab one of these for around and under £100. Could this be the case again? There’s every reason to believe so.

Xbox find themselves in a very weird space currently, as their recent business moves have proved they’re not that interested in strictly selling games. They’d much prefer you to subscribe to its Netflix-style service Xbox Game Pass, so you can expect to see heavy price slashes on 3-, 6- and 12-month memberships. Third-party publishers like EA, THQ and Activision will still be selling Triple-A titles release both this year and last year at a significantly reduced rate, however, making Amazon Prime Day 2021 a good opportunity to stock up your Xbox games library.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Enjoy the sale with a Prime Free Trial

Amazon Prime Day 2021 might reserve the best site-wide deals for Prime subscribers, but this catch has an easy workaround. If you’re yet to opt into your Amazon Prime free trial, you should probably take advantage of it roughly a day before the event kicks off proper. Most Prime free trials tend to last 7 days unless stated otherwise, so don’t miss your chance to save even more. Obviously you have nothing to worry about if you’re an existing Amazon Prime member. 

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