Amazon Prime Day deals for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

The 15th and 16th of July will see a host of great savings arrive on in celebration of its annual sales event, Prime Day. Touted as a “two-day parade of non-stop deals”, this is when you’ll be able to pick up a plethora of gaming goodies for a wildly discounted price. And here we’ll break down the kind of things that will await you. As such, you’ll know how best to prepare and what to expect.

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Needless to say, in order to see get the most benefit out of these great deals you’ll need to be a Prime member. There are various tiers to Amazon’s dedicated subscription service, but the general idea is that members receive access to one-day deliveries on a range of products and can stream hundreds of movies and TV shows via Prime Video. So, if you’re not a Prime member, why not take advantage of the 30-day trial membership? Do this over Prime Day and you’ll enjoy great savings.

Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals

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Nintendo Switch consoles

Take advantage of the Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals by glancing at the 3 best deals listed below. Whether it’d be a bundle, limited edition variant or simply a Nintendo Switch console on its own you’re looking for, we’ll keep our comparison tools up-to-date with the very best Switch-related bargain buys to be had at the present time.


Nintendo Switch games

As the latest and greatest console to hit the market, it came as a shock to all of us that the Nintendo Switch has already played host to an excellent library of titles. First-party Nintendo games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Maker 2. Ultimate very rarely reduce in price normally, but in honour of Prime Day we’ve gathered the best discounted Nintendo Switch games.


Nintendo Switch accessories

Accessories are arguably most important for Nintendo Switch owners, as it being primarily a portable console throws a few extra spanners in the works. You wouldn’t want to go without a hard-shell console case, for instance. Otherwise you always risk the safety of your Switch. Below you’ll find the best Prime Day deals for myriad Nintendo Switch accessories – ideal for keeping it safe as well as easy to play with enough memory to store digital games

PS4 Prime Day deals

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PS4 consoles

The PS4 may be the UK’s best-selling games console, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the PS4 Prime Day deals and treat yourself to a new Slim or Pro for a great price. Keep an eye below for the very best deal to be had, but if you're short on time, our pick of the 3 best deals on a new PS4 console are below. Rest assured, our comparison is kept up to date throughout the whole two-day event.


PS4 games

Looking for a specific PS4 game but don’t want to pay full price? Lucky for you, there are plenty of great Prime Day offers to be had on PS4 games across the two-day period. From first-party exclusives to bombastic multiplatform titles, PS4 is a great place to play and below you’ll see a range of releases ready to be snapped up at a discounted price.


PS4 accessories

From surround-sound headsets that help you hear around corners to PS Plus game cards that sees you receive free games every month, the PS4 has plenty of great accessories that help enhance the gaming experience. Most run the gamut of £5 to over £100 depending on what you’re looking for, but rest easy knowing that we have the best Prime Day deals on PS4 accessories.

Xbox One Prime Day deals

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Xbox One consoles

Want access to an ever-rotating library of 100 excellent video games? Xbox One is currently the only platform you can make use of this thanks to Xbox Game Pass. Luckily, we’ve gathered the 3 very best Xbox One Prime Day deals on consoles below. Bundle this with an Xbox Game Pass subscription and you’re all set.


Xbox One games

Whether you’re into driving games, open world RPGs or family platformers that kids and adults alike can play, the Xbox One has a wide library of first and third-party games. Below we’ve collated all the best Prime Day deals to be had on them, letting you bag a bargain over this limited time two-day period. Be quick to pick up any one of these great Xbox One games.


Xbox One accessories

In terms of just controllers alone, the Xbox One doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the number of accessories that can be used in tandem with it. A battery pack, for instance, is a worthwhile investment if it means saving you forking out for traditional AA batteries every few months. Here we’ve rounded up the best Prime Day deals on Xbox One accessories, so grab a bargain today.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon Prime Day

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is an annual Amazon sales event that spans all types of departments and categories. But of course, it’s really the amazing deals to be had on consoles, games and accessories we’re interested in. And thankfully, history tells us that all three of these areas are always subject to major discounts – in some cases you can expect to see up to £50 off certain consoles. The important thing to remember is to not get swept up in the hype, so as to not wind up purchasing something you don’t necessarily need.

Prime day deals

Here at Console Deals, we’ll be keeping you informed of all the relevant deals throughout the two-day sales period. Want to upgrade your console, possibly from a PS4 Slim to PS4 Pro? We got you covered. Ready to join the Nintendo Switch eco-system at an affordable price point? We can make this happen. Prime Day can often feel like a daunting beast to tackle – but that’s why we’re here to help you navigate the masses of discounts with relative ease.

Believe it or not, it’s not just strictly sales that occur on Prime Day. This year Amazon is stepping up its game by running a sales event that is a bit more all-encompassing, with its very own Prime Day music concert and several other live events you can tune into to have fun. Gamers in particular may want to take note of the Twitch TV live stream, which will see some of your favourite celebrities compete live in games like Apex Legends and FIFA 19.

When is Amazon Prime Day actually happening?

We touched on this earlier, but to make things absolutely clear: Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off on the 15th July and will end precisely at midnight the following day. This is when you’ll see the vast swathe of discounts and offers occur, with what’s known as lightning deals sporadically released regularly throughout the day. Prime Day shopping fever will severely be kicking in over these two days. However, unlike Black Friday, all Prime Day deals can be picked up from the comfort of your home.

Prime Day Twitch gaming stream banner

Prime Day might not get going officially until 15th July, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from already getting some buzz going with a few teaser offers. A lot of these apply strictly to Amazon products – the 1st generation Amazon Echo Plus is currently £40 off, for instance – but it does at least extend to sectors like furniture, fashion and office supplies. The gaming-focussed Twitch TV live stream also kicks off just ahead of Prime Day, with Apex Legends being played 11th – 13th July and a range of EA Sports titles being played and streamed 13th July, also.

How exactly does Prime Day work?

In many ways, Prime Day works in a way that’s extremely similar to any other time you visit to grab whatever it is you need. The main difference is the sheer frequency of all the deals. However, there are a few tips you can try to make Amazon Prime Day work perfectly for you. Firstly, sign up for an Amazon Prime membership; without it you’d find it very difficult to enjoy the many major savings. What’s more if you’re not a member yet and don’t plan on being one in the long term, be smart and sign up for a 30-day free trial temporarily over the two-day period.

From here, you can download the free Amazon app to gain instant alerts as to when each Lightning deal goes live. All these are previewed ahead of time, luckily, meaning you can set yourself a specific time to check back on the app and get in quickly before the product goes out of stock. To set up alerts, you’ll need to select the “watch this deal” icon on whatever it is you’re after. Alternatively, of course, if it’s just games you’re after Console Deals will keep prices regularly updated!

Do I need Amazon Prime to get the deals?

Prime benefits

To be plainly blunt, no. You do not need to be an Amazon Prime member to save money on Prime Day. However, by not signing up for a membership, you’d be putting yourself at a stark disadvantage. You see, Prime members get exclusive early access to almost every lightning deal that goes live, and always for a much larger discount than just standard purchasers. At the end of the day it’s called Prime Day for a reason and speaks all the way back to why the event exists: To add more value to an Amazon Prime membership.

How good are the Prime Day deals?

Prime Day deals in the past have been nothing short of incredible at times. Just in terms of video games consoles alone, Amazon is guaranteed to slash the prices of numerous PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch bundles. As previously mentioned, however, you’ll need to be very quick to snap up the Lighting Deals in particular. There’s a reason they tend to sell out extremely fast; they hold the potential to let you enjoy massive savings, after all.

Prime Day differs from Black Friday in that it gives Amazon the opportunity to hold the headlines exclusively for these two specific days, maintaining the deal monopoly by creating a whole occasion around itself. As such, the various offers and discounts being held need to be worth shouting about!

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