What are the 5 best gaming desks?

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Whether you prefer to play on console or PC, a dedicated area where you can enjoy the latest releases is ideal for when you want to get fully invested in the game. After all, what’s better than having enough space to contain all your equipment, where clutter can be kept to a minimum so you can focus on what truly matters: getting that next win? Gaming desks can give you all this and more.

Most people might associate the concept of a desk with the dullness of work, but that’s where most people are wrong! Gaming desks are in fact the best way to hone and focus your console set-up, all while still having the freedom to make adjustments as you wish. Here we’ve scoured the internet for the 5 best gaming desks – each one offering ergonomic support and sufficient space albeit with their own slight advantages.

1. DOSLEEPS L-Shaped Large Corner gaming desk

An L-shaped gaming desk is a great choice for players that lack space where they live but remain determined to make the best use of what they do have. This particular desk unit is designed by DOSLEEPS, capitalising on the layout by making it easy to change whether the right or left side is used as the ancillary desk. This ensures you’re not locked in to one side if you find that you naturally feel more comfortable turning to the right or left. With the DOSLEEPS L-Shaped Large Corner gaming desk having more than one screen for your PC/console set-up is a breeze.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

2. Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk

Trust Gaming’s GXT 711 Dominus gaming desk has been specifically designed with exquisite ergonomics in mind, boasting an angled front edge for comfortable wrist and forearm positioning. This means that no matter how long you end up playing, you’ll always remain comfortable. Other little nifty features built-in include a textured surface, steel frame and cable-management slots which make it easy to keep the area tidy as well as effective for gaming.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

3. Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk

The Z1-S gaming desk from Eureka is notable in that it packs quite the punch despite its compact size. It’s Z-shaped stand design ensures that players can make the most of space, with appropriate compartments in which to store accessories like headsets, drinks cups and additional controllers. Cool and ambient LED lighting borders either side of the desk’s surface, mimicking the light features of most modern keyboards and pro controllers. As far as gaming desks go, the Z1-S is a compact solution that ticks a lot of boxes.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

4. Redstone Black Computer Desk

While not specifically designed with video game enthusiasts in mind, this Black computer desk from Redstone makes for a great vintage choice of gaming desk. We say this because it’s made of classic wood rather than a light or necessarily stylish metal, but as such affords gamers the ability to store their goods either via shelf or drawer – there are three of each here. It’s also not particularly large so it won’t take up too much space in the home. Bundle this all in with an affordable price and you’ve got the casual player’s ideal entry-level gaming desk.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

5. Coavas L-Shaped Wood Gaming Desk

This L-shaped wood gaming desk from Coavas is a great example of the midpoint between classic and new. Classic in the sense that it’s made of wood, but modern in that it still boasts a compact and sleek design with room for two screens. It’s rounded corner at the centre assures that the walls where you place it aren’t at risk of being scratched, and there’s ample space to stretch your legs with plenty of set-top space for multiple monitors.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

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