The 10 best 2 player PS5 games 2021


Sony’s eagerly anticipated next-gen console has now been out in the wild for well over six months (despite scarcity), which has left many co-op preferring players wondering what the 10 best 2 player PS5 games are exactly. Unfortunately, it being so early on within the console’s lifecycle means there’s not a great number of local multiplayer games to dive into around launch, but this list is only continuing to grow more and more as the months go on. The good news is that 99% of the PS4’s library already works on PS5, so there’s no shortage of great 2 player PS5 games if you include both libraries – you just may have checked some out already.

It’s worth keeping that in mind when reading the following list of what we think constitute the 10 best 2 player PS5 games. Luckily, we also tend to include online 2 player games as well as those that can just be played locally, so regardless of your preference there’s sure to be a handful of co-op games to enjoy alongside friends. Here’s our tentative list of the best 2 player PS5 games. 

10. NBA2K21 (PS5 launch game)

Whether it be local multiplayer or online, the PS5 has an excellent 2 player game for sports plans in NBA 2K21 – especially since 2K has touted this version as being entirely standalone from the PS4 option. It will of course feature a fully refreshed roster of teams and kits inline with the current season, letting up to two teams of 2 compete in the court to perform incredibly realistic-looking and believable lay-ups, free throws and dunks. NBA 2K21 utilises the full power of PlayStation 5 to make a great case for being brilliant despite being the best 2 player sports game available on PS5 at launch.


9. Borderlands 3 (Backwards Compatible)

2K announced some weeks ago that owners of Borderlands 3 on PS4 would be receiving a PS5 upgrade for free, introducing 3 and 4-player split-screen playable locally and 4K visuals at 60fps when playing the single-player campaign. Borderlands 3 has already proven itself to be one of the most fun and chaotic ways to share shooting antics with friends on PlayStation, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it makes out list of the 10 best 2 player PS5 games. Borderlands 3 continues to be supported with new events and weapons, all of which translate seamlessly to PlayStation 5.


8. Godfall (PS5 Launch Game)

Letting up to three friends embark on an epic ancient quest while engaging in deep melee combat, Godfall acts as one of the most exciting PlayStation 5 launch exclusives. It might not feature local co-op, but thanks to three-player online you and others can engage on a sprawling hunt for loot as you take down endless hordes of evil forces. All this you do in the hunt for loot, fleshing out your character build with better improved armour and better weapons. All this makes it one of the best 2 player PS5 games worth keeping an eye on.


7. Outriders (February 2021)

The third game on this list designed to incentivize players by having them finding new and improved gear, Outriders is Square Enix’s sci-fi loot-shooter that sees you and a squad of two others gun down legions of alien enemies in glorious drop-in-drop-out co-op. Gameplay previews have likened it to Mass Effect mixed in with Borderlands, partially because it’s entirely set within a universe ripe for rich storytelling but the shooting is equally satisfying. It doesn’t arrive on PS5 until February, but it’s one to watch if you like 2 player PS5 games.


6. Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5 Launch Game)

Breaking away from the LittleBigPlanet idea of “Play. Create. Repeat.” Sackboy: A Big Adventure sees our eponymous hero venture into true classic 3D platforming territory. It’s a clear harken back to the likes of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and other mascots, only here you can explore and bash your way through a vibrant world exclusively on PlayStation 5 alongside three other friends. While entirely playable alone, Sackboy: A Big Adventure makes our list of the 10 best 2 player PS5 games because it’s a co-operative platformer ideal for the whole family.


5. Dirt 5 (PS5 Launch Game)

Three years after Dirt 4 skidded onto consoles, Codemasters’ rally-themed off-road racing series makes a return on both current and next-gen systems. And not only that, but Dirt 5 promises to be one of the most complete driving experiences yet, being the perfect platform in which to put pedal to the metal for co-operative players thanks to four-player drop-in and drop-out split-screen multiplayer. This is in addition to a narrative-focused career mode featuring the voice talents of Troy Baker and Nolan North. No new console is complete without a racer and Dirt 5 instantly becomes one of the best 2 player PS5 games, too.


4. Minecraft (Backwards Compatible)

One of the industry’s most popular and bestselling franchises ever again makes our list of the 10 best 2 player PS5 games, simply because being creative alongside friends is an experience so few games often capture. Minecraft is confirmed to be playable on PlayStation 5 via built-in backwards compatibility, but we don’t imagine it’ll be too long before Microsoft release a truly next-gen version – ideally with that 4K texture pack that’s been stuck in the development throws. Minecraft on PS5 is guaranteed to be a guaranteed good time for 2 friends.


3. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Early 2021)

Though developer TT Games has tackled every mainline Star Wars movie and LEGO-fied them into a video game before, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a complete reinvention of all nine moves. Because of this, teams of two with a fondness for that galaxy far, far away can play through the epic saga using an all-new lens. Sporting that trademark whimsical humour and fun gameplay almost every LEGO game is known for, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will almost certainly be one of the best 2 player PS5 games upon release.


2. It Takes Two

If you and a friend have ever wanted to star in your own ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ movie, this latest co-op adventure from Hazelight Studios should scratch that itch. It Takes Two is a 2 player PS5 game that looks and plays great, especially since you play as two main characters that have been shrunken down to the size of an insect. Returning to normal size and getting back to their daughter in time requires them to navigate gardens, household equipment, toys and more, all while working together to solve various creative puzzles. It Takes Two is co-op only, but plays great on Sony’s next-gen console in either local or online co-op – hence why it ranks high on this list.


1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS5 Launch Game)

Though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s campaign won’t feature co-operative multiplayer, it does feature the return of one of the franchise’s classic modes: Zombies. It’s here where teams of four must gun down legions of the undead while surviving for as long as possible, and this latest incarnation of the heavyweight military shooter promises all manner of improvements. Cold War’s Zombies mode will look better than ever as the first entry on PS5, making it one of the best 2 player PS5 games at launch.

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