Every confirmed PlayStation 5 launch game – the definitive list

By Aaron Potter |

Spider-Man Miles Morales – ps5

Now that the PlayStation 5 has received its official release date – November 19th, 2020 here in the UK – Sony has finally revealed which games its been showing off will launch alongside the console on day one. Several first-party Triple-A releases have been used to showcase the so-called “power of PlayStation 5”, but now…

Xbox Series S vs Series X: What are the major differences?

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox Series S + X banner

Much like how Sony is handling the launch of PlayStation 5, Microsoft will similarly be launching two SKUs of its next-gen consoles later this year. We’d already known about the Xbox Series X’s existence since December of last year, but now after several leaks and rampant rumours, the discless, entry-level version of the 2020 console…

What is the best Xbox Series X bundle?

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox Series X banner

The official price for the Xbox Series X is yet to be revealed, but that doesn’t mean that one can speculate what Xbox Series X bundles will be available at launch. The long-rumoured date is for this next-gen console to release is November 17th, meaning that there’s still plenty of time to organise how you’re…

What is the best PlayStation 5 bundle?

By Aaron Potter |


We know, we know. The PS5 isn’t even out yet but believe it or not, it’s already worth thinking about what PlayStation 5 bundle might be best for you. Otherwise, when Sony’s next-gen console releases in November, you might find yourself at a loss when the expected round of launch packages arrive. It’s important to…

PS5 pre-order guide UK: Find PS5 stock in the UK

By Aaron Potter |

PlayStation 5 vertical

Update:  Head over to our PS5 page for all the latest pre-order information. We expect Argos pre-orders to go live at midnight, and will update both our main page and here when they’re available. Currently available bundles:   Well, the PlayStation 5 pre-order process has been an absolute shambles so far. There’s no denying it.…

The 10 best Xbox One X enhanced games to take advantage of your 4K TV

By Aaron Potter |


Constantly touted by Microsoft as “the world’s most powerful console”, until the arrival of next-gen consoles later this year, the Xbox One X can comfortably live up to this claim. Most modern games (both exclusive and multi-platform) simply look better on this souped-up machine, treating those with a 4K televisions with greater environment detail, improved…