Is the PS5 backwards compatible?

By Aaron Potter |

PlayStation 5 logo

The arrival of PlayStation 5 is a cause to be excited, sure, but with that excitement comes the occasional unknown factor. One of these is the matter of backwards compatibility, and whether or not Sony’s new console will support games released on PS4, PS3 and possibly even PS2. If you’re one of these prospective players…

How to get a free Xbox One with a new mobile phone contract

By Aaron Potter |

Xbox One X hyperspace edition

Not only is Xbox One the sole platform that can comfortably claim its home to “the world’s most powerful console”, but over the years it’s built up an attractive catalogue of exclusive games, too. That’s why it pays to purchase an Xbox One S or Xbox One X if you’re at all into gaming, but…

The 10 best single-player Nintendo Switch games

By Aaron Potter |

Breath of the Wild

Even though the Nintendo Switch is a console seemingly designed around co-op play (why else would it include two controllers right out of the box?), it also doubles-up as a nice way for someone to cosy up on the couch and embark on an exciting solo adventure. And there sure is plenty of them out…

The 10 best single-player Xbox One games

By Aaron Potter |


While the Xbox brand may have solidified itself as the multiplayer machine back in the 360 era, it didn’t take long for Xbox One to evolve into a brilliant platform in which to enjoy console gaming, full of great multi-platform and exclusive titles ideal for solo players. Sadly, Xbox One’s tenure is set to come to…

The 10 best single-player PS4 games

By Aaron Potter |

Uncharted Lost Legacy

Looking to get invested within a deep, single-player story or a thrilling interactive rollercoaster ride? the PlayStation 4 has proved time and time again that it’s one of the best platforms for playing solo. The amount of variety on offer here for those that want to get invested in cool characters, explore a new world or experience…

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Which new console should you get?

By Aaron Potter |

Sony vs microsoft

While it might seem strange to already compared two consoles months ahead of their official release, the fact of the matter is that so much information regarding PS5 and Xbox Series X is out there, that it’s really not too tough a task to do so. Both consoles, for instance, will be arriving sometime in…