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Blockbuster franchises will return in 2020 exclusive to PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 4 platform is currently enjoying great financial and critical success, having launched in 2013 to quickly sell 100 million units and become the most popular home video game console. Holiday 2020 will see it replaced with the imminent arrival of PlayStation 5, however, kicking off a totally new generation with lots to look forward to. While we’ve still not seen what PlayStation 5 will look like, Sony has drip-fed us plenty of insightful titbits that help paint a clearer picture.

For one, we know that PlayStation 5 will continue to be the home of many great franchise sequels like the inevitable God of War 2 and the second Marvel’s Spider-Men as well as all-new blockbuster exclusives like Gearbox’s looter-slasher Godfall. The new console has already been confirmed to support discs in addition to digital media, indicating that it will cater to players of all preferences.

When is the PS5 release date?

Currently, we have nothing more specific than ‘Holiday 2020’ for the official release of the PS5, but based on previous console launches, we can pinpoint the release date with a solid degree of accuracy.

While both Sony and Microsoft will be keen to be the ones to launch their console first, we predict both will hold off until November. In Sony’s case, this is when the original PS4 and PS4 Pro both launched, and was the intended release month for the PS3 before it was delayed in Europe. November is traditionally the biggest month of the year for gaming retail, hence why November is popular.

All the initial versions of the four PlayStation consoles have launched in Europe on a Friday, and that’s likely to be the case again, given Friday is now the gaming industry’s de facto day to launch new games and hardware. However, Sony will want to avoid the final Friday in November 2020, as this is Black Friday. They’ll no doubt want their new flagship console to get the limelight all to itself.

For these reasons, we’re predicting that the most likely PS5 release date is Friday 13th, November 2020.

The most powerful PlayStation console released

The next generation of consoles will bring with it a much higher level of graphical fidelity, with further refinements made to reduce load times and push faster frame rates. The PlayStation 5 will achieve this using a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset and a custom SSD. PSVR will also continue to be supported, with all pre-existing headsets compatible with PS4 already confirmed to work with PlayStation 5. We’ll know for sure in a few short months, but PS5 will be the most powerful PlayStation ever.

A revised controller design for PlayStation 5

While the final aesthetic for the actual console remains a mystery, several patent leaks have highlighted the many changes in store for the PlayStation 5 controller. Sources suggest that it will sport a chunkier design than the current Dualshock 4, with much larger back triggers, a USB-C port (as expected) and slightly smaller analogue sticks. Fans of the PS4 light bar will also have to say goodbye, as the prospective PlayStation 5 patents removes it completely.

PlayStation 5 Specs

Release Date Holiday 2020
Price TBA
RAM 24GB total with reportedly 20GB GDDR6
Storage TBA
Ray Tracing Yes
Backwards Compatibility Yes
Maximum Resolution 8k
Maximum Framerate 120 frames per second