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The PS4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft each bring with them sophisticated social interaction, stunning high fidelity visuals and the extreme processing performance that can only be achieved via utilising cloud computing. Both consoles improve on their integration with motion control technology and offer multi-tasking capabilities not yet seen in a home console - allowing you to play games whilst they're downloading, split your screen amongst apps and allow a friend to take over your game. Nintendo's Wii U means that the current generation of gaming machines won't be lacking in fun factor, whilst finally bringing Nintendo's back catalogue of fan favourites kicking and screaming in to full high definition. The Wii U boasts innovative dual screen gamepad functionality, improved social features and an e-store full of games the day they release at retail.

Sony's PlayStation 4 ConsoleThe era of the Xbox 360 and PS3 was a golden time for video games consoles, sparking numerous debates and "console wars" over which system came out on top. Leading the way were Sony's PlayStation 3 - featuring an industry leading BluRay player, 1080p & 3D support and some of the greatest exclusive titles released in the last 10 years - and Microsoft's Xbox 360, which pioneered the way in online gaming, matchmaking and social interaction, bolstered by a solid fusion of visual and processing power. Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS/XL appealed to families and younger gamers, with it's bright visuals, no-nonsense operating systems and fan-favourite gaming franchises such as Zelda and Mario - the Nintendo Wii brought gaming to a whole new audience with it's innovative motion control system; the Wiimote & Nunchuk. Sony's own handheld offering, the PlayStation Vita, broke new ground in handheld gaming visuals and download-only purchases. Bolstered by it's own range of exclusives including Black Ops 2 and Gran Turismo, the PS Vita took the handheld war to Nintendo head on.